Irish Eyes Video: Derek Landri

We caught up with Derek Landri after practice on Wednesday to talk about Saturday's game against Purdue.

Watch Derek Landri on this Irish Eyes Video

We've added a transcript of Landri's comments for those that cannot view the video.

Derek Landri Transcript

Derek Landri on run defense and how the chemistry has developed between he and Trevor Laws:

"It's great. (Greg) Pauly and I had a great relationship. We worked well together. It hasn't skipped a beat with Trevor."

On the rotation between he, Laws and Brian Beidatsch:

"We've got three. The three of us are real solid. Beidatsch comes in and there's no letdown. In case you get tired on those long, 15-play drives, he can come in and give one of us a blow and we don't miss a beat."

On his quickness and how he can use that quickness this week against Purdue and against their new option look:

"This week is just as much about quickness as it is reading your keys and doing your assignment. This option, everyone has their assignment and everyone has to stay true to that, and if you mess up, that could lead to a touchdown."

On how good this Purdue team is. Are they as good as anyone they've faced this season so far:

"With coach Tiller, he's been there about eight years now. They're a top 10 team in the country, and they've been for a couple of years now. We look at this game, basically, this is a Michigan, this is a USC, they're a big-time team."

On Purdue's running attack and if it's as impressive as their numbers suggest:

"They're a balanced offense. They're rushing for over 200 yards a game for these first couple of games, so they're a big powerhouse."

On how much more difficult it becomes now that they've added the option to their attack:

"During a game you want to limit it to one way to go, either pass or run. If they can be balanced all game, it's kind of guess here and guess there. You might guess right sometimes and other times you might guess wrong, and that could be a touchdown." On Purdue's short drops in the passing game and their ability to make big plays:

"Big-time offense. It's all about personnel—what they've got in there. They've got a lot of quickness over there so they can hit you in any direction."

On how tough it is to play at Purdue:

"They're definitely ready. We're coming to their house, it's Notre Dame. They're ready to play us and we're ready to play them, too."

On if he can feel the hatred from the Purdue fans while on the field:

"Oh yeah, it's actually one of the (more) fun games to play in. They've got their fans right behind us. You hear all kinds of absurdities and all that good stuff. They let us have it pretty good." Top Stories