McCoy Ready for Official Visits

There comes a time when every recruit must begin to narrow his list of schools and begin to take official visits. The time has come for Gerald McCoy. The Oklahoma City, Okla. resident will be sojourning to five top schools across the country with a couple of surprises within the group.

Defensive tackles do not generally account for much of a defense's pass rush. Often times double-teamed, interior defensive linemen are generally better physically suited to stopping the opposition's rushing attack. Gerald McCoy, DT, 6-4, 280 pounds, Oklahoma City, Okla., (Southeast) is not your traditional run-stopping defensive tackle, however.

"I have eight and half sacks," McCoy said of his four-game totals. "And I'm being double and triple teamed."

Finding interior defensive linemen that can rush the passer are certainly a luxury that most college football teams simply do not have. And that also explains why so many college coaches have gone the extra mile to recruit McCoy, both literally and figuratively.

"I'm taking my first official visit to Notre Dame," McCoy said. "It's for the Southern California game. Then I'm going to Miami (Oct. 22) and Southern California (Nov. 5) next. Virginia Tech will be Nov. 5, then maybe Tennessee."

What about the Sooners?

"The coaches just want me to come down there when I can," McCoy said of the Oklahoma coaching staff. "I'm going to Oklahoma to watch them play Kansas State this weekend."

Not pushing for an official visit shows a lot of confidence from the Oklahoma staff; but then again, McCoy lives a mere 20 minutes from Norman and has been there countless times over the course of the last two years. McCoy certainly knows the Oklahoma program well.

With four and possibly all five of McCoy's official visits being so far from Oklahoma City, does his family mind him leaving home to continue his education?

"No, they don't mind," McCoy said bluntly.

It has been an exciting year for college football thus far, and McCoy has been watching games when he has the time.

"I've been watching a lot of games," McCoy admitted. "I watched some of the Tennessee/Louisiana State game the other night."

McCoy has also kept tabs on Notre Dame through television.

"Notre Dame has been playing good, but they should have beaten Michigan State," he said.

It is safe to say that coach Weis would agree with McCoy about that.

McCoy is taking his time with his decision.

"No," he said quickly when asked if he knew when he would make his decision. "Nobody has been pressuring me to commit. The coaches just tell me to take my time with my decision." Top Stories