Big ‘Gaines' for Notre Dame

Jashaad Gaines is not a household name to most recruiting fans. Then again, not many recruits from Las Vegas are household names. The city of lights has emerged as a talent-producing city within recent years, with St. Louis Rams starting tailback Steven Jackson making the biggest splash after playing his college football at Oregon State.

As the saying goes, you can never have enough athletes. It is hard not to watch a college football broadcast and not here at least one similar reference to that phrase. And it is a true statement; ask any college coach.

For now Jashaad Gaines, S, 6-0, 195-pounds, Las Vegas, Nev. has an idea of what position he will play at Notre Dame, but anything is possible.

"Probably strong safety," Gaines said of his future college position.

That does not mean Gaines does not have experience at other positions, nor the potential to grow into another.

"I'm playing a little running back, some slot," he said of his different duties for Las Vegas High School.

Notre Dame has been successful at taking big high school safeties and running backs and transforming them into college linebackers. Kinnon Tatum, Ronnie Nicks, Anthony Denman and Courtney Watson have all made this transition. And all of them were less than 200 pounds when they arrived at Notre Dame minus Nicks, who was just over 200 pounds during his freshman year. If safety does not work out for Gaines, linebacker is another possibility. Then of course there is running back and wide receiver, too. It never hurts to have options.

Decision time for Gaines was not that hard after seeing Notre Dame first hand during his official visit this past Sep. 17.

"It was the place for me," Gaines said excitedly about his decision to attend Notre Dame. "I spent time with the players, and I felt real comfortable with them. It's a well-rounded school. Coach Weis and the coaches…I was real comfortable with them."

Gaines also plans to challenge himself in the classroom.

"Something to do with engineering," he said of his future major. "I'm not really sure exactly what kind of engineering, but definitely something with engineering." Top Stories