Walls Ready to Make Impact

Darrin Walls is ready to make an impact at Notre Dame. He discusses everything from his future jersey number at Notre Dame to his first year expectations with the Irish.

Darrin Walls is now a part of the Notre Dame football family. His recent commitment to Notre Dame was certainly no surprise to the recruiting world, but the significance of him choosing Notre Dame still remains high.

Are you happy to have your decision over with?

"I feel relieved," Walls said.

Name three jersey numbers who would consider wearing?

"Two, five and eight, any single digit number really." Walls said.

Favorite college football player?

"Charles Woodson," he replied.

Favorite pro football player?

"Antwan Randle El," he replied

What are your freshman goals?

"To start," Walls said bluntly.

Did coach Lewis or coach Minter talk to you about playing man coverage?

"They have talked about putting in man coverage, but that hasn't worked out this year," he said.

What is your current height and weight?

"6-1, 175-pounds," Walls replied.

Did Notre Dame guarantee you playing time?

"I'm going to have to compete for playing time. Nothing is guaranteed," he said. "They did say because of the depth chart I'd have a chance to play."

Darrin will be a guest of IrishEyes Radio this Thursday night. Be sure to check it out.

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