Jackson Changing Visit Dates

Richard Jackson has already taken one official visit to Pittsburgh. He was also supposed to take another official visit this past weekend, but that official visit never took place. Jackson discusses his recruitment with IrishEyes.

Notre Dame now sits with 19 verbal commitments heading into the all-important Southern California weekend this upcoming Oct. 15. One of the recruits that will be taking an official visit that weekend will be Richard Jackson, WR, 6-2, 200 pounds, Clermont, Fla., (East Ridge).

Jackson took his first official visit to Pittsburgh (Oct. 3) and was supposed to trek to Miami this past weekend but that official visit never took place.

"I'm taking one this weekend to Georgia Tech, then Notre Dame the following weekend," Jackson said of his next two official visits. "I was supposed to go to Miami this past weekend, but my parents didn't tell me about it. I'm going to Miami sometime in November."

Miami and Notre Dame have long since been considered the two teams to watch with Jackson. Is there a possibility that he could make his decision after visiting Notre Dame?

"Yeah, there is a chance," Jackson admitted. "I have already been to Miami for a game before and met Devin Hester and some of the players."

Some head coaches make more of an impact with recruiting than others. Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis has apparently done all he can with Jackson.

"Sometimes I call coach Weis, and sometimes he calls me," he said of his communication with coach Weis. "We talk about once a week."

Coach Weis is certainly not the only coach trying to persuade Jackson to attend his school. Although not as frequently, Jackson speaks to other head coaches.

"I spoke to coach Fulmer last week. I've spoken to coach Coker before. He's a nice guy."

So far this season Jackson has over 30 receptions and three touchdowns.

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