Irish Eyes Video: Rob Ianello

Wide receivers coach Rob Ianello talks about the progress of the Irish wide receivers and recruiting.

Ianello talks about the recruiting and the Irish wide receivers in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript for those that cannot view the video clips.

Rob Ianello Transcript

Ianello on how his thoughts on how USC has turned around their program so quickly:

"He's got his players to believe that they can win and should win every week and he got other players to buy into that. He's done a great job of coaching. They've done a great coaching on offense, a great job of coaching on defense, great job playing freshmen early… all the way across the board I thought they did awesome job of that at USC."

On his thoughts on how recruiting has gone thus far:

"Our reception has been very, very positive from everywhere we've been. Coach Weis has set an incredible bar here with his work ethic. He's very involved in recruiting—very involved on the telephone—it's well documented what he did in May. He's very involved in every aspect of recruiting. Because of his involvement, it's given us a chance to be very successful, and hopefully we will be."

On if the goal was to have this many commitments at this time:

"We didn't have a set number, we just offered scholarships to players we thought—guys we wanted to have on this team. If guys had chosen to take them, then great. The philosophy of coach Weis and our staff, if we offer you a scholarship it's because we want to have you in our program. We've offered guys scholarships and hoped that guys would take them, and a number of guys have, and we think that's great."

On if the good start has helped recruiting:

"I think there's always those out there with one foot in and one foot out and have seen us have some success to this point of the season. That has been positive. And there's others that how you have done is no bearing. They feel like this is a great fit for them. They feel that they have a relationship with the head coach and the staff and the position coach. Obviously Notre Dame has a bunch of great qualities to sell regardless of what happens between the lines."

On if their recruiting position can change when the class appears to be filling up:

"It depends. Obviously the more commitments you have, the less spots you have. That's kind of like an airline, there's only so many seats on the plane."

On his wide receiver's blocking leading to big plays in the past few weeks:

"They're a very competitive group that understands how important blocking down the field is, and they've embraced that as part of being a complete receiver and that's fun to see."

On how he was able to get the consistency with his receivers catching the football that wasn't there last year:

"I can't attest to anything that happened before. I know what we talked about from when we got in there…about being a group that we can count on. If you're a receiver and you can't catch the ball, they can't count on you. We just wanted to be a group that they can count on."

On if he had any concerns when he started working with this group:

"I didn't really write down concerns. I just talked to them in terms of ‘here's what we need to do to improve and here's what we need to do to be a complete group of receivers. We've got to go to work. We take every day as it own separate entity. ‘This is what we do will today. This is what we didn't do well today. And this is what we've got to do well tomorrow.'" Top Stories