Richardson Plans to Visit ND Twice

The Irish staff isn't recruiting many linebackers for this recruiting class, Morrice Richardson of Westlake high school in Atlanta, Ga. is one standout player that they have targeted as one of their top prospects.

It's difficult to really get excited about Notre Dame's chances of landing a player from the Southeast until they schedule a visit Notre Dame. Well, it's time for Irish fans to start getting their hopes up as Morrice Richardson is planning to take two visits.

"As far as unofficial, the USC game," Richardson said when asked if he planned to visit Notre Dame. "And the official will be the weekend of December 3.

"I was watching ESPN, and if USC did what they did last week against Arizona State, they're going to lose," Richardson said of the battle between the Irish and Trojans. "I don't think it will be a blow out by any means. Both teams have a lot of fire power. It's a hard game to call. You have no choice but to play a good game."

The Irish will need to play bring their best game against the No. 1 ranked Trojans because USC hasn't had any trouble handling Notre Dame on the field the past three seasons.

"Last year, I can only point the finger at coaching. Last year Notre Dame wasn't playing like this. I guess coach Weis brought something from the Patriots," Richardson said.

"No," he replied when asked if he would have considered attending Notre Dame last season. "But I can say one thing; in ninth grade I had just watched Rudy and I went to my coach and asked if Notre Dame recruited here. I wanted to go to Notre Dame my whole ninth and tenth grade years."

Richardson might only be rated as a three star prospect, but you can throw those rankings out the window when you look at the schools that are recruiting this Georgia athlete.

"I went to see the Alabama vs Florida game last weekend," he said. "That was pretty shocking, I can say that. I'm not going to say that I expected Alabama to lose, but I didn't expect it to be a whooping. They went out and throttled Florida.

"Alabama is a great program, and I know I want to go up to Ohio State and Maryland," he continued. "It's still Florida, Georgia Tech and Notre Dame that are the nucleus. The others are surrounding schools that I want to look at before I close the deal. Some schools might have something that sticks out, that might have you look at it differently. I don't want to have a narrow area of comparison, I want a wide scope.

"If I were raised just to play football, my top five would probably be completely different" Morrice explained. "I want to have a good degree. I have that opportunity with schools like Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Florida and it's a blessing. If I weren't playing football I probably wouldn't be able to go to these schools, I don't have an astronomical score on my SAT."

Comment: Morrice is genuinely interested in the academic side of going to college so that should help the Irish. I'm not certain Notre Dame doesn't trail either Georgia Tech or Florida at this point, but they have an opportunity to make a huge impression on Richardson when he is up for the USC game. Top Stories