Jones Excited About Future Offense

Demetrius Jones of Morgan Park high school (Chicago, Ill.) has been making plays on the field and then sitting down and watching his future teammates make plays on television.

After opening the season with a loss, Demetrius Jones and his teammates have bounced back to win five consecutive games. This past weekend Morgan Park took a big step towards earning the Chicago Public League Championship by beating rival Hubbard.

"According to the press they were the team that was supposed to beat us," Jones said. "We won 40-15."

After enjoying his teams win, Demetrius was able to watch his future Notre Dame teammates have an equally impressive win over one of their rivals, Purdue.

"Great game," he said about the 49-28 Irish victory. "Every time I watch a game I get more and more excited about taking snaps and playing in that offense."

Irish head coach Charlie Weis certainly has brought excitement back to Notre Dame. He's made them one of the most dangerous offenses in the nation. Jones understands that he has to be prepared when he reports to Charlie Weis, so he has taken it upon himself to watch the tape and study the Irish offense.

"He (Charlie Weis) caters the offense around Brady Quinn's strengths. He's not really mobile so they don't roll him out a lot, but if you give him time he'll pick you apart." Jones said. "He's averaging over 300 yards per game.

"I look at (Quinn's) footwork and progressions – the actual style of the offense and philosophy of the offense. I watch everything. Where they attack the defense. Do they have something (route) shallow and then over the top? A route to the backside and one coming over the top? What's the philosophy of the defense and how do they attack it. How they use play-action to draw the linebackers in. Do they pick on one person? How do they pick on one side of the field? How they exploit the weaknesses. I look at all of that. I look at the blocking schemes. Do they set up (Brady Quinn) behind the tackle. Do they semi roll to give him a better throwing lane.

"He'll pull a guard and then have play action," Jones continued. "The linebacker thinks he's doing his job because his read is the guard and all of a sudden they throw over the top of him – that's NFL stuff."

The Irish have the weekend off so Jones won't have a game to watch, but on October 15 the Irish play host to rival USC. Does Jones plan to attend what will likely be the biggest game of they year for Notre Dame?

"Yep, all of us will be there," he said on the Notre Dame verbal commitments. "They're going to win that day too. That's a guarantee. I have no doubt in my mind."

With that much confidence Jones is starting to sound a lot like Charlie Weis. The question is, if he were the coach, how would he go about attacking the No.1 team in the nation?

"The defense is going to step up and do what everyone doesn't think they'll do," Jones said. "Corey Mays will have a big game.

"They'll put pressure on Leinart," Jones continued. "Oregon and Arizona State did, but I think they'll (Notre Dame) do it consistently.

"I think they'll play a lot of man-zone," Jones said of the Irish secondary. "USC has some athletes on their team. I think they'll jam them early to throw off the timing, because a lot of USC routes are timing routes. When Reggie Bush is in the slot, he's not the type of guy you want to run free because he's so quick and elusive, so use a lot of bump and run.

"They don't want Leinart to have a pocket to step up in. He's real good and if you give him enough time, he's going to find the right person and beat you. I don't think that they'll just sit back there and have a field day, so they'll pressure up the middle.

"Offensively, I attack their secondary. I'd run posts, digs and drag routes. I think Notre Dame's going to get the running game set up early and then go to the passing game. USC is going to be expecting them to throw the pass.

"Now that I'm starting to get to know Charlie Weis, he never does what's expected. While you're thinking about what he's going to do, he's thinking about the same thing you're thinking about and then flipping the script. So he'll do the exact opposite that you think would be perfect for him to do." Top Stories