Prediction Time

Friday is usually game prediction day, but since the Irish don't have a game this week, I decided to use my vast psychic skills to give my flock some betting tips this week. If you use any of this information to actually place bets based on information I provide here, you're a bigger idiot than I gave you credit for….ha!!!

I'm actually excited that the Irish have the week off. There are a lot of big games on the slate this weekend, and I'm looking forward to watching some of the top teams around the country to see how the Irish stack up.

Kansas—Kansas State

Ah yes, ‘the toilet bowl." Hardly a big game, but one of personal enjoyment. I used to love this game, and I attended a game back when it truly was the toilet bowl. I remember we had the bright idea to buy a pony keg to take with us "on the hill" in Lawrence—no, we didn't actually go into the game, don't be silly. Yeah, that was a great idea until we realized how far you had to lug a full pony keg of beer.

Anyway, K-State got better, but K-State has problems this year. They struggle to score, even against the cupcakes they've played, and their defense isn't the same defense the "Mildcats" have grown to love. Take the Jayhawkers as Mangino is a better coach than you think. He turned down ND, don't you know?


"The Red River Shootout." Bring your cap guns and a pillow because this is going to be a very boring game. Texas should win fairly easy, but if anyone can screw this up, it's Mack Brown and Texas. Oklahoma quickly becomes my second-favorite team every time this game is played. I had my fun the past five years. I think I'm going to have suffer through this one, but the 14-point spread is too large in this game. I'd take the Sooners, but maybe that's just my wishful thinking.


I'm surprised the spread is only 7.5 points in this game. Yes, I'm aware of the recent history between these two teams. Minnesota was exposed by an average Penn State team. Michigan is at home coming off a big victory against the Spartans. Henne is heating up. Michigan rolls.


I don't think this will be much of a game. I don't think the Trojans will overlook the Wildcats. Unfortunately, I think USC is finding their rhythm. I expect the Trojans to win large and cover the 38 points. Did I just say that? That's a lot of points, but I think they'll do it. Why? They average 54 points per game. The Wildcats couldn't muster a single point against Cal's defense. Take the Trojans and at least get some satisfaction.


This ought to be another boring game. Two teams with pretty good defenses versus struggling offenses—oh boy! Both teams have had uninspired wins and appear to be finding themselves. I expect both teams to be much better later in the year, but I think both are overrated. I'd take Georgia because I believe they have the better defense and better coaching.


I can't believe Purdue is favored in this game. Iowa isn't as good they've been in the past, but this is a team that is well coached and improves as the year goes along. I was not impressed in the slightest with Purdue's defense. I do think you'll see a better Boilermaker offense today, but their defense struggles. Take the Hawkeyes to the bank.

Ohio State—Penn State

Who does Joe Pa. think he's kidding? Canceling recruits? Does he really think he has a chance? Do you? Does anyone outside of Happy Valley? Ol' Joe is going to work the mojo one more time—not! If the line was 11, I'd consider taking Penn State, but it's only three, and I think Ohio State is getting better offensively each week. I'd sure like to have Joe's two freshmen, however.


Another spread I'm stunned by. UCLA is improving, but they're not a great team. Cal has the better team and better coaches. Who has UCLA beaten? UCLA gives up too many yards on the ground. Cal rushes for 260 yards per game. UCLA might not ever get the football. Take Cal and run with it. You'll be happy you did.

Texas Tech—Nebraska

At the beginning of the year I bet my best friend $100 worth of Keystone Light that the Irish would have a better record than Nebraska did at the end of the year. What I failed to consider was their schedule. Their schedule sucks, and even worse, they have all their tough games at home this year.

But my best friend is a dork. He still owns a Tommie Frazier jersey and even stood in line at the mall to get his autograph—LOSER!

The Cyclones really let me down last week, so the Huskers better start losing and it happens this week. The "little Red" has a pretty good defense, but they don't have the corners to hang with the Tech offense on Saturday.

The once proud Nebraska rushing attack is averaging just 112 yards a game, and that was against Maine, Wake Forest, Pitt and Iowa State—Wow!!

Take the Red Raiders. This will be a close game, but I expect Tech to nickel and dime the Huskers all game long, and they don't have the rushing attack to keep the ball out of Cody Hodge's hands.

I'll invite you all over to drink the Keystone Light after the season. Top Stories