Ready For the Showdown

Toryan Smith will be making his second official visit this weekend when he travels to Notre Dame. Smith is anxious to see the big game between the Irish and the Trojans.

Toryan Smith, LB, 6-0, 230 pounds, Rome, Ga. will be one of many recruits in attendance for the Notre Dame/Southern California game this Saturday at Notre Dame Stadium. Smith knows the importance of the game, and the hype that it brings.

"That's the biggest game this weekend," Smith said of the match up.

There will be a few aspects of his official visit to Notre Dame that Smith is most interested in.

"I want to see the game. I want to hang out with some of the players, see how they live," he said.

Smith took an official visit to Oklahoma back on Sep. 3 when the Sooners played Texas Christian. He went the Alabama/Florida game for an unofficial visit, and the Tennessee/Georgia game for an unofficial visit. After his visit to Notre Dame, Smith is considering taking another unofficial visit to Alabama. This time it would be for the Alabama/Tennessee game. Down the road Smith has official visits lined up to Michigan (Nov. 19) and Florida (Nov. 25). That leaves one official visit for Smith to take.

"I'm thinking about UCLA for the last visit," Smith added. "Probably sometime in early November."

Notre Dame has been recruiting Smith all along, and that has not changed as the Notre Dame coaching staff has been on the road to see various high school head coaches in person as well as watch recruits play.

"Coach Lewis came by the school this past Thursday. He said he was going down to Miami, or some place in Florida to see somebody," Smith said.

The Rome, Ga. native has several schools making a considerable effort to land his services, and the list appears to be growing.

"Florida is coming on," Smith said of the Gators recruiting efforts. "Tennessee is coming on a little bit. North Carolina State just offered. They're coming on a little bit." Top Stories