Irish Eyes Video: Chris Frome

Senior defensive end Chris Frome is excited about Saturday's game. The Saugus, Calif. native will start his first game against the Trojans on Saturday and he says he's excited to play the No. 1 team in the country.

Defensive end Chris Frome talks about the Trojans in this Irish Eyes Video

We've added a transcript of Frome's comments for those that cannot view the video clips.

Chris Frome Transcript

Chris Frome on if this is the biggest game of his life to date:

"That kind of goes without saying…it's a big game. I've seen tickets going for a lot of money out there on ebay, so I think everyone is expecting a good contest this weekend."

On how this team will try to avoid the distractions:

"We're at home this week…you can't really do that. It's not an away game where you fly, you get to the hotel and you just kind of go through your routine. It's not like that this week. There's a lot of people coming, a lot of people bothering you for tickets, a lot of people asking you your thoughts on the game. Five minutes in the game it's just going to be the next game for us so it's just one more game."

On if the USC offense:

"Obviously they're a well-rounded offense. A lot of people think that this team is a passing team, but you've seen in the past that they go to the run. Their bread and butter is the running attack with Reggie Bush and Lendale White. That's going to be the key to stopping them….shut down the run, get to (q uarterback Matt) Leinart and good things will happen."

On how they can stop USC's offense:

"They have a great scheme and they have a lot of people in the backfield that can make plays. We're bringing a lot to the table. We're bringing a lot of different schemes that we're running this week. Just trying to move people around and anticipate their play calls. They do a lot of the same things, and it's basically worked for them so far, so we don't expect them to change anything."

On stopping the run:

"Our front seven, that's our No. 1 rule, stop the run. It's always been a mentality here at Notre Dame. I think if anyone can stop USC up front, it's our guys."

On how much he'd like to sack Leinart on Saturday:

"Any D-linemen in the country—if they want to get a sack on anybody, it's Matt Leinart—Heisman trophy winner. Five minutes into the game, like I said, it's just another game. You've got to get to the quarterback, get pressure on him and you can interrupt his game."

On how the ND defense will be successful against the No. 1 ranked USC offense:

"We're 4-1 right now. We had one game went into overtime. If our offense puts more points on the board than their offense we win. If our defense plays better than their defense we win. It's the game of football. Stats, our defensive coach says stats are for losers. A win is a win and we'll get it any way we can take it."

On what the coaching staff has told the team on how to avoid all the distractions this week:

"He usually says stay out of the distractions. This week he kind of wants us to buy into the hype because it is a big game. It's obviously the biggest game so far this year…probably the biggest game of the year. We're looking forward to surprising a lot of people this weekend."

On being from California and if this game means more to him than most:

"Yeah, I went home this weekend on our bye week. A lot of people always ask me: ‘why didn't you go to SC? You should've gone to SC.' I stick with my decision. I love Notre Dame. I love what it stands for. I love playing football here. I'd love to beat USC on Saturday." Top Stories