Irish Eyes Video: Maurice Stovall

Wide receiver Maurice Stovall is excited to face the No. 1 team in the nation on Saturday. Watch what he had to say Tuesday about the big game on Saturday.

Wide receiver Maurice Stovall talks about Notre Dame's game against USC this weekend in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of Stovall's comments for those that cannot view the video clips.

Maurice Stovall Transcript

Maurice Stovall on the No. 31 and if it's a big motivation for him this week:

"It's a big motivation. The last couple of times USC has been here at Notre Dame, they've beaten us by a very large margin. They have a very good team and we're preparing ourselves for that. But at the same time we do realize that they have beaten us by a lot and we're taking that into consideration."

On how much confidence the team is gaining by being around this coaching staff:

"It's increased quite a bit. I think you can see that on Saturdays when we're playing any opponent. From an offensive standpoint, we have more confidence in ourselves—the run game and the passing game. We have a lot of veterans. From the defensive standpoint, I feel as though a lot of young guys have stepped up and made a lot of plays and prove to the country and to ourselves that they are young but still can handle other offenses."

On how much of a factor confidence will play in Saturday's game:

"Confidence is a huge part in this team. I think that because USC is No. 1, they have a lot of media exposure and media hype—because they beat so many teams by so many points—teams come into games already losing. You can't approach a game like that. Coming into this game we have a lot of confidence. USC obviously has a lot of confidence in themselves. But at the same time, it's still football, and that's how we're approaching it."

On if he feels ND can hang with the Trojans:

"We have confidence that we can hang with them, but we're not approaching the game as looking as hanging with them, we're looking at it as to beat them. Yes, they have a dynamic offense, dynamic players and a defense, but at the same time we have good offensive players also, and we have great defensive players and a great coaching staff. We have a lot of confidence to go out there and beat USC."

On if this is the biggest game he's ever played in"

"I feel every game is a big game because every game depends on your record for the season. USC is a great team and they're one of our rivals, but at the same time you can't get over-hyped about this game. It's still football. A lot of fans are getting excited, everyone is getting excited. What matters is what happens on Saturday."

On USC's defensive surrendering some plays in the passing game:

"They're defense is very good. They're a big part of them being No. 1—shutting teams down on offense. That allows our veteran players and our playmakers to step up….take your game to another level, work hard in practice watch more film. Playing the No. 1 team allows you to elevate your games."

On if he believes this could be a Notre Dame moment:

"I believe so. I believe it is a making of a Notre Dame moment. In '88, when No. 1 Miami came into Notre Dame and Notre Dame beat them, kind of had a similar thing. No. 1 USC is coming in here. We do plan on beating them and we do plan on taking it to them on Saturday so we'll see what happens."

On what's been the difference for him this year as he's having his best season so far at Notre Dame:

"I think the big difference is just me maturing as a player. Making plays when my team needs me. My different approach to practice, the off season. Just our whole team camaraderie, they way we approach the game is different and it affects each individual."

On how much more fun it is to play in Weis' offense than the previous offense:

"It's a lot more fun. Playing with confidence takes a big part of it also. How productive we have been makes it more fun—and our record."

On if the offense has a little more confidence heading into this game than in the past because they know they'll have coaching staff, the game plan, and they've been highly successful so far:

"I think our progress and our success plays a big part in us having confidence in each other. Our coaches have confidence in us, and we're confident in our schemes and the way we approach each game." Top Stories