Irish Eyes Video: Rick Minter

Defensive coordinator Rick Minter knows about big games. The veteran coach experienced a similar game when the Irish defeated Florida State in 1993 when the Seminoles came to South Bend ranked No. 1 and Minter was in his first stint as the leader of the Irish defense. Minter talks about the Trojans and the similarities between the two games.

Rick Minter talks about USC in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of Minter's comments for those that can't view the video clips.

Rick Minter Transcript

Rick Minter on which offense he's faced previously he'd consider the most like the USC offense:

"Probably our own. It's a very good offense. It's a well-designed scheme. It takes advantage of well-recruited players, who I think are coached very well. They've got a lot of good things going for them."

On if every offense has a weakness:

"It's still just Wednesday isn't it? We haven't figured this one out yet. The weakness probably comes when they bench all their starters in the last two minutes of the game. It's really a good football team. They're not up there where they are for no reason."

On if he's ever faced a team that is this good running the football and throwing the football as one team:

"Probably not to be honest. It's as well-balanced a team with as many highlighted players, they're doing it in a good, solid, tough conference against quality competition. It's a good challenge for us. It's going to be a good measuring stick to find out where we really are. It'll test us, but we look for it. Games like this is why you come to Notre Dame, both players and coaches."

On if building confidence with his defense is especially important this week:

"I don't think the games a make or break, but every week you're only as good as your last time out. I thought we were pretty good in the first half of Purdue, and I didn't think we were very good in the second half of Purdue, so right now we're not very good. We just come off with about a week and a half worth of practice. We've had some solid prep, our guys are tuned in, they're excited about the game. I'll be ticked off if they don't play well, and I'll feel good if we do play well, and that will be it for this week and then we move on to the next one."

On if he's seen his defense building that confidence this week to beat USC:

"You've got to ask them. Our players go out and do everything we ask them to do every day. They practice hard. They have no reason not to feel confident, but I can't speak for them. They have to speak for themselves. I believe our players believe. If that translates into confidence, so be it. I still think you're only as good as you're last time out, and we've got some things to prove."

On the parallels from the '93 game against Florida State:

"The game has parallels—the Florida State game years and years ago when I was here just in terms of what's at stake, what's on the line. It's not the same stage of the season. It's a similar effect because we're kind of on the come and they're at the top and their No. 1. Back then they were (number) one and we were (number) two and it was the 10th game of the season. It was just about going to define who was going to finish out the next week or two. There's some similarities when it comes to the hype and the attention and the focus from the country. We have an opportunity here. It's an opportunity to go out, play well, play with heart and win the big game. This is one of those big games." Top Stories