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There is one high school football team from Indiana that everyone watches closely: Warren Central. The Warriors have won the past two 5A state championships and are loaded again this season. The scariest part of Warren Central's roster is several of its best players are mere juniors. Jeremy Finch may have the most talent of the group.

Much has been written about junior fullback Darren Evans and rightfully so. He is one of the top junior backs the Midwest has to offer. He still may not be the best player Warren Central has to offer from the junior class.

Jeremy Finch is a big-play safety that opposing offensive coordinators try to stay away from. He is already 6-1, 195 pounds and has a reputation for making plays. And making plays for a defense that has really started play well during recent weeks.

How does one truly gage how dominant a high school team is? That debate rages on across every high school football message board. The safest answer is to beat every team on the schedule convincingly. Warren Central High School is doing just that. Located on the east side of Indianapolis, Warren Central is destroying its foes.

"Probably not," Finch said bluntly when asked if any team would give them a game this year.

That may sound arrogant, but Finch and his Warren Central teammates back up such thoughts each week.

"We beat North Central 35-0 last week," said Finch. "They were ranked No. 2 (in the state)."

When the defending champ knocks off the biggest contender in a laugher, it is easy to see why Finch is so confident.

As you might expect, opposing offenses try to stay away from Finch, but as Warren Central lights up the scoreboard teams are inevitably going to throw the football more and more – giving Finch more opportunities to build upon his stats.

"I have one interception, and I have two fumbles, and I took both of them to the house," Finch said.

Recruiting has already started for the talented youngster, but he is simply taking it all in.

"Ohio State, Michigan, Illinois, a couple of people," Finch said of the mail he has been receiving.

Purdue, Indiana and Notre Dame are also sending Finch mail among others.

"I got a piece of mail from Notre Dame this past Thursday," he said.

Finch has already taken unofficial visits to Ohio State for the Texas game as well as Michigan for the Minnesota game.

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