Irish Eyes Video: Victor Abiamiri

Defensive end Victor Abiamiri talks about the big game this weekend.

Junior defensive end Victor Abiamiri talks about the Trojans in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of Abiamiri's comments for those that cannot view the video.

Victor Abiamiri Transcript

Abiamiri on how the team will put the past three outcomes out of their minds:

"It all starts with the coaching staff. I think we reflect the attitude of our head coach. He's got us believing in ourselves and believing in him. I think our confidence level is a lot higher than it has been the past three years, and we're going out Saturday expecting to win."

On if Weis has told the team how to handle the hype and attention this week:

"He's mentioned it to us last week and going into this week. Just every week he's taught us to keep an even keel about things and not get over-psyched about this game. We know there's a lot of hype going into this game. A lot of teams, before going into playing Southern Cal, kind of psyche themselves out and we're definitely not trying to do that this weekend."

On if they feel they can play with USC:

"I think confidence is a major factor. If you don't go in expecting to win, you don't have a chance, especially against a good football team like Southern Cal. You have to go in expecting to win and treat it no different than any other game."

On how much he'd like to sack Matt Leinart this week:

"I think it's very important. He's a very good quarterback. You can't let him get into a comfort zone. If he gets into a comfort zone he's good enough to pick a defense apart. Hit him early and try to not keep him in a comfort zone will be important for us."

On the USC running game:

"I think a lot of their second half comebacks have been because of their running game. They've gone on to run the football and gone back to doing things that's made them successful. Stopping the run will be huge in this game. Another part of this game will be playing for the full 60 minutes, not just playing a half or a quarter but the full 60 minutes."

On how frustrating it is for the defensive end to play against teams that use the three-step drop often:

"It's really frustrating—three stop drops. That's when you have to mix in a couple of different things defensively to try to combat that. There's ways to stop everything in football, so that's when you've got to rely on your teammates to rally together to stop things."

On what's impressed him the most about the USC offense:

"How they've been so consistent over so much time. For an offense to be able to go out week after week and score that many points, that's pretty impressive. We know they're a good offense, and we respect their offensive firepower."

Does it help the defense knowing they also have an offense that can score points?

"It helps us mentally and adds to the whole confidence thing. We know we have the talent to beat this team. Every way we're going to take advantage of it." Top Stories