Blown Away

Toryan Smith had previously been to Notre Dame three times before this past weekend, but those trips didn't compared to what he saw during his latest trip to South Bend.

There is nothing quite like watching a premiere college football game from the stands. Just ask Toryan Smith, LB, 6-1, 230 pounds, Rome, Ga.

"The game, man!," Smith said excitedly of what was the best part of his official visit to Notre Dame. "That's the best game I have ever seen in person."

"Notre Dame wins that game easy if he (Reggie Bush) isn't there," Smith said of the game.

Speaking of the likely winner of the Heisman Trophy, Smith had a chance to sit down with Notre Dame defensive coordinator Rick Minter on Sunday and watch a little film.

"I watched film with coach Minter on Sunday morning," Smith recalled. "There was one play were he (Reggie Bush) only had like one foot to get through and he did it. He's amazing."

Southern California is a loaded football team this year. Smith realized this and talked about the future of Notre Dame football. "I'm not trying to knock the players, but once they (ND coaching staff) get their own players there's no telling how good they will be," Smith said.

Smith held no punches when asked where the Notre Dame football program would be in two or three years. "I definitely see them (Notre Dame) winning the national championship, said Smith.

Every business decision needs to be properly thought out if a company is to be ultimately successful. The Notre Dame coaching staff is apparently taking that same approach with its recruiting weekends.

"It just really impressed me that everyone knew my name…the food was great, the people were great, just everything," Smith said of the official visit as a whole.

Smith did not make the trip alone. "My dad, my coach, and one of my coach's friends came with me," Smith added.

Do the Irish now lead for Smith's services?

"They're up there, man. I don't want to say anything," he said with a laugh.

Smith has yet to set a date for making a decision, but that could come fairly soon. "I'm thinking about (deciding) within the next couple of weeks," he said.

Florida is always a team that is mentioned with Smith, but the Gators are not the only competition. Smith will be at the Alabama-Tennessee game this next weekend. With a raucous pro-Alabama crowd, Smith will certainly have the opportunity to see another one of college football's biggest games first-hand.

"I'd say they're probably tied," Smith said of Alabama and Florida.

Beyond the football game and the football program in general, Smith is looking towards his future and understands what a Notre Dame degree can do for him.

"Life after football," Smith said of the No. 1 reason he is looking at Notre Dame. "That degree is so prestigious. I want to be in corporate America."

Darius Walker hosted Smith during his official visit to Notre Dame. He spent time with Gerald McCoy, Lawrence Marsh, James Aldridge and Morrice Richardson among other recruits during his time at Notre Dame.

Smith also had an interesting comment about another Notre Dame recruit, Morrice Richardson. "I think that will come down to Notre Dame or Georgia Tech," Smith said of where he thinks Richardson will end up. Top Stories