Austin Impressed With Irish's No. 11 wide receiver prospect, Terrence Austin of Long Beach Polytechnic high school (Long Beach, Calif.) followed the USC Trojans out to South Bend, Ind. to watch one of the best college football games of the year.

Terrence Austin was traveling from California, but he wasn't making the trip to Indiana to see the Trojans. Terrence was making his first official recruiting visit and he was there to discover what Notre Dame had to offer.

"I had a great time, it was definitely a great experience'" Austin explained. "Getting to see a big game, the beautiful campus and hang out with the coaches. It was a great experience. I had a great time and it gave new a whole new look on Notre Dame."

"Coach Ward (ND '83-'86) talked about certain things on how he made his choice and what stood out to him, and I saw the same things.

"In my mind they won that game -- I didn't like how that ended." Austin said of Notre Dame's last second loss to the Trojans. "I didn't expect the environment to be as wild and crazy as it was. When I walked into the stadium it made me want to get on the field and play."

Terrence was obviously impressed with the campus and the game day atmosphere; he was equally impressed with the Irish players.

"I wanted to get a chance to meet all the wide receivers, but it was kind of hard with everything going on," Austin said "I did get to meet Jeff Samardzija, D.J. Hord and David Grimes though. They were all real cool; everyone on the team treated me real well, like we were already one the team -- Darius Walker, everybody, you could tell they weren't just doing it because they were hosting recruits and trying to get us to come there. They were being themselves and that's what I really liked about it.

"Leo Ferrine was my host. He reminded me of myself. He was real cool. I got along with him real well. He said that it's like a family around there," Austin said of the relationship between the football players and the Notre Dame student body. "Everybody treats everyone real well. Everyone is so comfortable with each other. Everyone is your family. You always have something to do or someone to hang out with because everyone is real close."

Before leaving campus the recruits have a chance to sit down with the Notre Dame coaching to discuss the visit and talk about the players interest in attending Notre Dame.

"He (coach Weis) just explained to me where I fit in, how I was the electrifying player the Notre Dame needs, and how much he likes me as a person," Austin said of his meeting with Charlie Weis. "He was really impressed with my junior season and how I was doing this year. He said he really wants me there."

Terrence had a great visit and he is aware that Notre Dame only has a few scholarships left to offer, but he wants to make certain that he has all the information about schools before he makes his decision.

"I'm going to take my visits and take my time, and make sure I'm making the best decision. I haven't set up a date to Miami, but I'm taking one out there, Oregon (Nov 19), Arizona (Jan.), UCLA," he said of his remaining official visits. "I want to evaluate everything and let things sink in for a couple weeks. I want to take my time with it and I'll be ready in January to make my commitment."

Comment: Terrence liked Notre Dame, he like the coaches, he liked the players, and everything associated with the game day atmosphere. If Notre Dame doesn't lead, they certainly are right at the top with other schools. The question is, with the timing of the decision, will Notre Dame have a scholarship left to offer if he decides Notre Dame is the best place for him? Top Stories