Irish Eyes Video: John Sullivan

Offensive center John Sullivan talks about the BYU game.

Junior offensive lineman John Sullivan talks about BYU and second half of the season in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of Sullivan's comments for those who can't view the video clips

John Sullivan Transcript

Sullivan on how nice it is to focus on football all week without classes to worry about:

"It's great to be thinking about football but we love class here. We're always excited to get to our classes and keep on learning. It's nice to get a break. I know all the students are excited about it. I think we're looking forward to this fall break and playing our first game of the season—against BYU—and winning our home-opener."

On being the center and making a lot of the line calls this week and if his job is more difficult because they'll face a 3-3-5 defense with a lot of blitzes on Saturday:

"BYU has got a different scheme than what we're used to seeing, but we watch a lot of tape, we have a lot of time during the day this week with not having this class, and we'll be prepared mentally for whatever scheme they show up with. We know their tendencies. We don't know which blitz is coming every time, but we know what to expect and we'll be ready to play."

On if the extra time gives ND an advantage in the game:

"I just think it helps you out. I don't know if it's an advantage over BYU. It's an advantage for yourself as compared if you had class that week."

On if it's hard to adjust to this scheme compared to other schemes they've seen this year:

"We've played against this defense before, although it was a different time in this program. We've seen it before. We've played against their players. We've got the best coaches here that football can offer. They'll have us ready and we'll be ready."

On if BYU is a different or better team this year than what they saw last year:

"I believe their head coach is their defensive coordinator from last year, Bronco Mendenhall, so it's pretty safe to assume they're running the exact same defense, which what it looks like on tape. I just think we'll be ready for them. They had a great effort and attitude as a team last year and it doesn't look like they've changed that much."

On if this team buys into the "new season" approach head coach Charlie Weis is trying to present:

"This is the new season. This is the new 2005 season. That's how the team is approaching. That's how every individual is going to look at it, and it's up to that individual to get their mind into that state. That's what we're striving for."

On why this team has been able to bounce back after a difficult loss:

"We have great leadership within the team. We have great coaches that are great leaders. That's the main reason. Anytime we start to lose our composure, coach Weis and the coaching staff and the older players get everybody under control and gets us refocused."

On how much more he's enjoying playing in this offense compared to previous years:

"It's always great to have success, but since I got here in 2003 I've been a Notre Dame football player and that's a very special thing. It is nice to have the success that we've enjoy so far, and we hope that we'll have even more success in the second season." Top Stories