Irish Eyes Video: Ryan Harris

Offensive lineman Ryan Harris talks about the play of the offensive line so far this season and BYU on Saturday.

Ryan Harris talks about the game on Saturday in this Irish Eyes Video

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Ryan Harris Transcript

Harris on how he thinks the offense has progressed so far this season:

"Not a lot of things can hold us back offensively except ourselves. That's definitely a positive we learned from the first half of the season and that can carry us into the second half of the season."

On where he thinks the offensive line is at right now:

"I think as a unit we kind of feel we came out of the gate real well, but in the last couple of games we've kind of being playing mediocre. We're really looking towards the second half of the season to continue to operate at that high level that we came out of the game with—that energy and that focus that we had."

On where he feels he and the offensive line need to improve the most on:

"Me personally, I think just knowing my assignments to the point where I can just go out and play and not worry about what the other person is doing. A lot of times we go against defenses, especially this defense, they're going to be moving around. If we know our responsibilities, if I know my responsibilities, it makes it a lot easier to play."

And the overall line? "We just want to continue to protect Brady (Quinn) and continue to open opportunities for Darius (Walker) and Travis (Thomas) to get big yards and keep our run game going."

On what BYU did well last year defensively to limit ND's success on offense:

"BYU, last year, played at a high level. They were very intense. They were ready for us. They were prepared. They believed that they could win that game. They definitely came out for the whole 60 minutes. They were prepared to battle, and I don't think that was something we really anticipated. We knew it was going to be a tough game, but they really showed us their toughness."

On what he remembers about Travis Thomas picking himself up after fumbling a couple of times in that game:

"I'm not sure what Travis went through. I know all of us as teammates were there for him if he needed anything, but we were confident in Travis' ability as with all the players on this team. Every player on this team has abilities that can contribute to us winning games, and I think that Travis has just honed his responsibilities and continued to build on his strengths to be the player he is now."

With BYU blitzing so much, how much of that is on the offensive line to read the front and how much of it is on Brady Quinn to make sure the Irish are in a good play against the defensive front:

"Brady pretty much has to make one call and then it's up to the offensive line to make sure there's not a lot of penetration. We know who's coming at what time so we know where we're at, but it's mainly the offensive line. It's our responsibility."

On if that was the case last year with this offense:

"Last year was a long time ago. I'm not really familiar with our game plan for the game last year. Obviously all of us are different players, better players than we were last year." Top Stories