Irish Eyes Video: Rhema McKnight

Irish wide receiver Rhema McKnight has decided to end his season and seek a fifth year from the University due to his knee injury. McKnight talked about his decision to seek a fifth year on Wednesday.

Rhema McKnight talks about ending his season in this Irish Eyes Video

We've added a transcript of McKnight's comments for those that can't view the video.

Rhema McKnight Transcript

McKnight on the decision to shut down for this year and come back next season:

"I think it's the right decision. I think at this point we've evaluated my knee and we've come to the decision that it's just not ready. I just can't do the things that I can do in order to be a football player. The doctor and I, as well as coach Weis, sat down and we decided to sit out the rest of the season, take the redshirt, and come back next year."

On his emotions on this decision:

"I don't think any player wants to sit out and take a redshirt. At the end of the day I think I'm going to be excited about the decision I made. I get another year in this system and hopefully it pays off for me."

On if what he's learned and continues to learn this year will make him a better player next year:

"Yes, this is an NFL0-type of offense. You've seen the things we've do so far this season. I can't see it not being even better for next year."

On if he had a timeline as to when he would decide to just sit out and come back next year:

"No, I kept a positive attitude. I tried to stay as positive as I possibly can. Just going out there and running around, both the (doctors) and myself have thought about it, reevaluated the knee and just figured out that things just haven't come along the way we intended them to be. We all thought I'd have the opportunity to come back strong and play against USC, but it just didn't turn out that way."

Weis mentioned a couple of setbacks he's had with the knees. When were the setbacks?

"I guess since I started running around—about two weeks ago. Any time I tried to make a cut I probably end up slipping—hurting it there—walking, overextending it, those are probably the setbacks I've had."

On if he has to have surgery after the season:


On if it was more his body that told him he couldn't go or himself:

"It was more my knee, I'll tell you that. My knee basically made that decision for me."

On if his knee would be healthy enough to play this season despite him sitting out for next season:

"Nobody is able to tell. The (doctors) thought I'd be back in three weeks for USC, so it hasn't turned out this way. I guess we have to wait this thing out and see what's going to happen."

On what exactly his injury is:

"Actually, I don't know if I'm allowed to disclose that information. I'm sorry."

On if he's excited to be come back for one final year with Brady being back for a final season:

"It's an exciting thing. Obviously, when I was able to play, I felt that all the receivers and Brady had that connection. Brady and myself, as well as the other receivers, have another year in this type of offense. I think it's going to be fantastic. Brady, hopefully he finishes off the season very well, keeps that confidence and brings it into next season, and hopefully does even better next season."

On if one of the factors to deciding to sit out was preparing himself for the NFL:

"I guess once you sit down and you start thinking about everything I believe that will come into play—yeah it has. I don't necessarily feel that was the main decision though."

On if he plans to take graduate school next season:

"Yeah, actually I graduate this December. It's also a good thing that I decided to do this because I get to further my education."

Will he take ballroom dancing next year?

"Nah, I'm probably going to try to work on my masters or something. It would be nice—become more cultured." Top Stories