Irish Eyes Video: Rick Minter

Defensive coordinator Rick Minter talks about the game on Saturday.

Rick Minter talks about the BYU game on Saturday in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of Minter's comments for those that can't view the video clips.

Rick Minter Transcript

On where the defense is six games into the season:

"We'd like to think we're going to walk into now the new season here better than we did the first game of the first season. We now have 10 starters coming back because we lost one last week. It's time for confidence to settle in and abilities to level out a little bit. We've been tested. We've matched many of those challenges, and we were overmatched in some of those challenges. We just look forward to carrying our unit out there Saturday and make a good positive impression."

On the BYU offensive line splits and if that is to assist their running game:

"You've got a big body who's creating a bigger whole, it obviously puts for a cause for concern. You're dispersing the defense. You're spreading them out more and more. Running lanes, pass protection, the edge is now a bigger edge, it's not the vacuum in a cup that you might generally try to form around a good quarterback. We've got to see what we can do with that."

On the defensive line:

"It's good to have Derek (Landri) back because we didn't have him in the spring. Trevor was in and out of the lineup in spring. Both of those guys have progressed nicely. They give us some athleticism and some quickness in there along with (Victor Abiamiri) and what Chris (Frome) was doing up until he went down, it was a good, solid front four play. Then roll (Brian Beidatsch) in there, and then (Ronald) Talleny and (Justin) Brown…..we try to play as many people as we can in the trenches because it is warfare in there in terms of brute force on brute force. We've been able to play a lot of guys. Hopefully that will begin to pay off for us now that we have to step up minus one guy."

On which player, Talley or Brown, will start in place of the injured Frome:

"Right now, going to a second guy, some of them may have to play both sides at times to even out the depth. We had four, now we have three, we'll have to close ranks and march on with those that we do have."

On if it's now a three-man rotation at defensive end:

"I think coming into the season, if we felt we would have six guys who could line up and play adequately and not drop off much, we'd have been OK with that. That's probably where we're at right now. We'll have to live with that."

On describing the attributes of Talley and Brown:

"They're both good, solid athletes. We don't know that much about them because we haven't had real meaningful moments in games. They've gotten some playing time of late, particularly in some end of game situations. To execute the entire game plan, we're going through that this week, so that will unfold itself as the week goes on and we'll have to make our own judgments after that."

On how Brown and Talley have responded this week to the opportunity for more playing time:

"They shouldn't feel bad about how and why they got on the field, but now that they are on the field more they better take advantage of it and put a smile on their face, bounce in their step and let's rise up and let's play, and I think they will."

On if the BYU is a frustrating offense to face because of their dink and dunk passing philosophy:

"It seems like its Baskin-Robbins on defense around here because you see a different team every week. That's just kind of the nature right now in college football. You find a spread passing game this week and a power running game like Tennessee coming up, then all of the sudden a wishbone style, west coast offensive style and right on down the line. That's kind of it in college football today. One week you see something and the next week there might not be a whole lot of carryover. What you really have to fall back on is your fundamentals and techniques and your keys. Good sound work works against whatever somebody does. The curveball was why or how did they get to 275 (rushing yards) last week against Colorado State? Whether they stumbled onto it or they planned for it, that'd be only speculation. We have to prepare for a complete offense that can run the ball and throw the ball very, very efficiently. In scheme, style and what they try to do, it's very well laid out. They're very systematic with what they try to do with the quarterback. We've got to rise up and meet the challege." Top Stories