How Good is Quinn?

Irish head coach Charlie Weis has turned the Irish program around in a very short period of time. Yes, there are still four games left in the regular season, but it's obvious to anyone watching that the Irish are playing with newfound confidence and more importantly, execution. Remember that word? It seemed it was the only word we heard after each week in previous seasons.

Execution…..isn't that a beautiful word? It sounds firm, it sounds exact, and it's wonderful to watch on the football field.

The Irish are executing at a very high level on offense, and I suggest they might have second-best offense in the country behind USC. Could it be?

Weis does deserve much of the credit for this quick turnaround, but junior quarterback Brady Quinn also deserves a lot of credit as well. How good is Quinn? He's been about as efficient as anyone could've imagined, and probably more efficient than even Weis could've hoped for.

Why is Quinn so good? Yes, he has all the physical tools. At 6-4, 230 pounds, he's the prototypical NFL quarterback. He has a strong arm, above average mobility, but his decision-making might be his best asset, and that is what NFL scouts are going to love about Quinn.

Purdue found out. Purdue blitzed Quinn on what seemed like every down trying to rattle Quinn. The result: 29-of-36, 440 yards and three touchdowns.

BYU also found out. BYU and their 3-3-5 came after Quinn all game on Saturday: The result: 32-of-41, 467 yards and six touchdowns.

This just in……you don't blitz Brady Quinn because he'll make you pay dearly.

Some long-standing records fell on Saturday, and many more will fall with Quinn under center in the near future.

But does Quinn have the mojo…that extra something that the great quarterbacks have? I often wondered, and he answered that question with a 10-play, 80-yard drive to put his team up on the No. 1 team in the country with little time left on the clock. Quinn didn't lose to USC, he just ran out of time.

"I really don't get caught up in records, but Brady did a lot of things well today," Weis said after Saturday's game. "I thought he played a nearly flawless game and handled the blitz well. We knew that is what they were going to do today. Brady played great today and handled a lot of different situations very well. "

Flawless? That's quite a compliment.

But I think former Notre Dame quarterbacks coach David Cutcliffe said it best about Quinn recently when asked about his brief time spent working with junior quarterback.

"He's made that big jump in his third year," Cutcliffe said of Quinn. "I don't think I've been around a quarterback who was as hungry as Brady. He's not unlike (the Mannings) from a hunger standpoint, of wanting to know and wanting to work."

The question about Quinn was never about his "want to." Quinn has always been known as one of the hardest workers on the team, and that kind of dedication is what makes a good player into a great player. It rubs off on the team, and his leadership is clearly evident in watching this team.

Quinn has taken many hits in his time at Notre Dame--hits from pass rushers and hits from the press. I, for one, couldn't be happier for the guy because he's handled the ups and downs of his career at Notre Dame with complete class.

The saying goes: "you never know how much you miss someone until they're gone." Irish fans are witnessing a very special player right now in Quinn in what also appears to be a special time for Notre Dame. Let's hope he sticks around and finishes the job because it was the job he came here to do. Top Stories