2007 O-line Recruiting Starts With Oglesby

There are not many 6-8, 305-pound 16-year old kids walking around with multiple Division I football scholarship offers. But then again, there are not many players like Joshua Oglesby, either.

Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis is not going to hand out scholarship offers like candy during the Halloween season. Going one step further, coach Weis is especially careful when it comes to offering a mere junior.

There are exceptions to the rule, however, and Joshua Oglesby is one of them.

Everyone has heard the catch phrases, man-child, the beast, man amongst boys, for one football player or another. All of those definitions would certainly fit Joshua Oglesby to a "T." While only 16-years old, Oglesby is already 6-8, 305-pounds, and that's after dropping 15 pounds from his sophomore year. The Saint Francis, Wis. product is already being recruited nationally. Hard to imagine considering Oglesby will not turn 17 until next May.

"I'm interested in all of them," he said of his current favorites. "I'm just looking at anyone that is interested in me right now."

And speaking of interest, Oglesby already has an impressive list of offers.

"Wisconsin, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Arkansas, and Michigan have verbally offered," Oglesby said of his current list of offers.

Why have so many different schools already offered? Because of Oglesby's size and his athleticism. Not only does he play football, but he also participates on the hardwood, a good sign for any offensive lineman.

Oglesby is fairly new to weight lifting. He has only lifted weights for roughly a year. During that time he has moved up to where he can now bench press 225 pounds between 12-15 reps during one set. His strength will certainly grow over the course of the next several years, making him a better football player.

Oglesby is one of three juniors coach Weis has already reportedly offered, and he is making sure he keeps up with the talented junior first-hand.

"Coach Weis will send me a text message telling me to call him," Oglesby explained about how he stays in touch with coach Weis. "We usually talk about once a week."

Oglesby also speaks with coach Ianello from Notre Dame, as well as coaches from other schools such as Wisconsin and Ohio State just for starters.

"The coaches usually talk to me about my season, what's going on with their season, and then they'll talk to me about the recruiting process," Oglesby commented about his conversations with the various college coaches.

When asked how he would describe coach Weis, Oglesby did not hesitate. "He's a great guy. He doesn't sugar-coat anything!," Oglesby proclaimed.

Even with all of the recruiting attention and high accolades being thrown his way, Oglesby is still a down-to-earth young man with his priorities properly placed where they should be.

"I just take it as a blessing," Oglesby said of having the opportunity to be recruited. "Not only will I be able to go to college for free, but I'll also maybe have the chance to get one of the best educations available."

This is not the statement of your typical 16-year old teenager, but rather a rapidly maturing young man. It is good to see someone with Oglesby's brawn also have the intelligence and humility to understand what lies ahead of him if he continues to make good decisions.

Oglesby has already begun to make changes to help his performance on the gridiron. This is a sign of his maturity and will-power being utilized to the fullest.

"Everything under the sun," Oglesby said with a laugh when asked about his diet. "Whatever my mom puts in front of me I eat."

Oglesby still realized that bigger is not always better. That is why he lost the weight for this season. "I'm quicker now," he added.

Speed is certainly a major part of the game of football, but so is playing with pain. It comes with the territory, and Oglesby knows it.

"I sprained my arch during the first play of our first series," Oglesby said of his injury. "I could feel the bones moving when I pushed off of it," he said.

Despite the pain, Oglesby played as much as he could without hurting his team. He did not want to let his teammates down.

"I'd say I'm about 75-80 percent," Oglesby calculated of his current status.

Football season is not far from being over, but the academic calendar reads much differently for Oglesby. He has been taking Spanish since he was in fifth grade, and is preparing himself the best he can for the rigors of college with a full class load during football season. Choosing classes to fill out his senior year is certainly a priority, but especially with an avenue for potentially enrolling a semester early to play college football.

"Coaches tell me the pros and cons of enrolling early," Oglesby explained. "They tell me it would be good for them because I could participate in spring practice, but on the flip side it's (the second semester of) my senior year (of high school I would be missing)."

Oglesby is only entertaining the idea of enrolling early at this point, but it is certainly an option. Oglesby said his core GPA was right around a 2.9 or 3.0.

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