Recruiting Already Starting For Wade

Oregon usually has a handful of talented recruits each season, but few are recruited nationally. Myles Wade is already going against the grain with the recruiting attention he is currently receiving.

With recruiting starting earlier and earlier every year, college coaches reach out even further to find the best possible recruits regardless of location. Did you ever think Florida State would be recruiting in Oregon? Believe it; because it is happening right now.

Myles Wade, DT, 6-2, 300 pounds, Portland, Ore., (Benson Polytechnic) is already receiving attention from several prominent college football programs, but he is simply taking it all in stride.

"Oregon State has offered me a scholarship already. Texas Tech, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State…the whole Pac 10 except Southern California and UCLA, a lot of schools," Wade said of the mail he receives.

Recruiting is still young, but Wade is hoping to hear from other programs as well. "I'd like to hear from Southern California, Miami, Texas, schools like that. Any school really," Wade said.

Wade has already been to some combines, and is looking forward to doing it again next season. "I'd like to go to the Oregon State camp, maybe some camps in California," he said.

While Wade's team is only 2-5 so far this season, that has not stopped him from being a dominant player himself. "I get double-teamed a lot, but I still have six sacks so far this season. I don't know how many tackles I have, but I average over 10 tackles per game," Wade added.

Wade also plays offensive tackle for Benson Polytechnic, but will likely play along the defensive line once he reaches college.

While Wade has seen a lot of individual success this season, he is more interested that his team improves next season. He wants to be a major part of that success through leadership.

"I want to be a captain, and help our team make the playoffs," Wade said of his goals for next season.

Wade has a self-reported 3.0 GPA. Top Stories