Prince Looking Forward to Opportunities at ND

Running back Munir Prince of DeSmet high school (St. Louis ) is looking forward to the opportunities that he'll have to earn playing time as a freshman at Notre Dame, but before he dons the blue and gold for the Irish, he and his teammates have some business to take care of this Friday.

As Notre Dame fans look into possible BCS bowls opportunities, the high school recruits have their own goals they want to fulfill before they make their way to South Bend next season. For Munir Prince, he's preparing for a game that will decide his team's play-off fate.

"We're 7-2 and we have two more game," Prince said. "We should make the play-offs. Only one team from our district makes the play-offs. Our game coming up this weekend against Francis Howell will determine if we go to the play-offs.

"They're a good team, a fundamentally sound team, a well-balanced team. If we come out with our "A" game and get our running game going, which will open up the passing game, then we should win the game," he said with confidence.

"Last game we played I had three touchdowns…15 carries for 190 yards. On the year I have 16 touchdowns and between 750 and 800 yards rushing," Prince replied when asked about his statistics.

Munir was the first recruit of the 2006 class who told Charlie Weis that he wanted to play for him. Back then, the promise Weis made to Prince about moving the Irish program forward, we're words Munir could grasp onto. He believed.

"It's just the idea coming into action now," Prince said as he thought back to Weis making his recruiting pitch. "You hear that ND is a good team, but when you see it on the field it's just putting action behind the words.

"I think the game against USC showed the talent that they have and showed they should be considered as one of the top schools in the nation. I don't think there's a team out there that Notre Dame can't compete with.

"After seeing the way Charlie Weis runs the program and hearing him say that he wanted to bring back the program, I wanted to be a part of that," he continued. "I wanted to be part of winning a national championship. With the coaching staff that he's put together, it's like a professional atmosphere.

"It's a great feel when you step the field, when you walk around campus, seeing the Gug, and walk through the dorms and stuff, it's just a great atmosphere to be in – one I can be successful in."

Something Munir will want to do when he arrives at Notre Dame is get a good look at the turf at Notre Dame Stadium, because it's likely that he'll get the opportunity to play as a freshman.

"In my first year, I just want to gain the confidence on my teammates and my coach," he responded when asked about the likelihood that he'd get a chance to play as a true freshman. "I want the opportunity to prove myself to coach Weis and my teammates that I can be an impact player when they put me on the field.

"I think one of my biggest challenges is just going to be getting settled, getting accustomed to how college is run and getting ready to make that jump up to that speed, the intensity and the caliber of player. Everyone in college is a good player, so I need to up my level of play and get ready to the physicality of the next level.

"I think I'm going to be more of a Reggie Bush type back," he explained. "I'll get the ball in the backfield; I'm going to catch the ball out of the backfield, return kick-offs and punts -- just utilize my speed and my quickness in the open field.

Charlie Weis has breathed life into the Irish offense that hasn't had shown a pulse for years – and recruits have taken notice.

"I like how coach Weis calls the plays," he said "It will be third and five and the defense will think it's a passing down, and he'll run a draw in that situation and then come back with a screen. He's used the screen successfully a number of times.

"I like how he utilizes the receivers – he just takes what the defense gives him and makes their weaknesses his advantages on the field. It's a real precision-run offense. As a defensive player going against coach Weis you just can't focus on one aspect of the game, you've got to be ready to counteract everything he's going to do out there." Top Stories