Irish Eyes Video: Jappy Oliver

Defensive line coach Jappy Oliver talks about the progress of his D-line so far this season.

Oliver talks about Tennessee and D-line in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript for those that can't view the video clips.

Jappy Oliver Transcript

Oliver on the Tennessee offensive front:

"Big. These guys are probably even bigger (than BYU's front five). I've gone against them for a couple of years at South Carolina. Just not only size wise but height. They're about 6-4, 6-5 across the board. Just big, massive people. They're going to come right at us."

On how ND matches up with their front five:

"I think this is a team hopefully that we match up with in terms of their style of offense. I think our kids look forward to people trying to come right at us an knocking us off the ball."

On his thoughts on why the Tennessee offense has struggled this season:

"That's hard to say. It could be their scheme—whether or not they're taking a conservative approach—it's hard to say. Everything starts with the quarterback. When he's gelling, they've had some changes here and there, just settling in on who they want to go with. It's hard to say. Whatever it is, I hope they don't find the answer for a couple of weeks."

On what he expects now that Riggs is out. What style of back will they likely see?

"Basically I've been braking down more scheme than personnel. We'll kind of get into personnel a little bit more over the weekend and first part of next week. They've got a freshman. I'm not sure if he's a redshirt or a true freshman that's a pretty talented young man. He's not like Riggs. It will be interesting. I can't see them getting away from their scheme per se, but it will be interesting to see if they go to more zone stuff. We'll still get power and zone stuff."

On what he feels his unit has done consistently well at this point:

"I hope have our kids haven't backed down from anybody. I think they step up to the challenge, they look forward to the fight each and every week, and I hope they keep that attitude. I think our kids will be physical with just about anybody they play." On his assessment of Ronald Talley's first start:

"I was pleased, but he's shown that. Ronald fits right into our type of young man that's not going to back down from a fight. As a matter of fact he looks for a fight. Hopefully he'll keep gaining more and more experience, and athletically he's just got to get into position where he can make more plays against the pass. He's not going to back down from anybody. He's going to step up."

On if Victor Abiamiri has played his best football the past few weeks:

"I believe so. The last couple of weeks he's been really consistent and I like that. He' s really been concentrating on his assignments and not freelancing. That was the big thing coming in that I saw early with Victor—freelance a little bit, getting frustrated, wanting to make something happen. I don't see that now."

On Derek Landri and why he's been so successful this season:

"Derek is quick as a cat. He's got a great first step and he's a fighter. I don't care what his size is. I don't care the size of person he's going against. He's going to fight you every tooth and nail. He's got a nasty defensive mentality, and that's what I like about him."

On Trevor Laws:

"Trevor has been much better too. The same comment I made about (Victor Abiamiri), I could make about Trevor. I kind of challenged him a little bit a couple weeks ago fundamentally. He's got a great first step, great punch, but being consistent (has been the problem). More than anybody else he gets frustrated when he's not involved making plays. He has a tendency to freelance and he hasn't done that. I kind of challenged him a little bit and he stepped up to the challenge."

On how he coaches that out of a player to kind of freelance:

"Put my thumb and my foot on his neck, no (laughs). Just get after him about being consistent and doing what he's supposed to do within the defense and being patient. Let the game come to you. It will come to you. It's a long game."

On Laws saying it gets frustrating for him to just occupy space and let other make plays. How does he keep a guy sticking with his assignment:

"That's just it. He's got to understand his role and let the game come to you. You will make some plays. What happens is, when you get frustrated and start freelancing, that's going to be the time when the play is coming your way and you're not going to be in position to make the play. Whether someone else is making the play, if they're not running to you, then the defense is designed for someone else to make the play. When they start coming you're way, and you do your job, then you'll make the play. That's just play team defensive football."

On Justin Brown and his play this season:

"Justin, in my opinion, just needs to grow up a little bit. He's still a young puppy. He's not coming along as fast as I'd like him to come along. He shows flashes but just not enough. Right now it's time. I lost Chris (Frome) so it's time and he knows it. Hopefully he'll put more pressure on himself because he's definitely going to get it from me."

On Patrick Kuntz. Oliver was high on him at the beginning of the season. How has he progressed?

"I challenged Patrick also. I think he got to a point where he was kind of feeling his way. The reason why he got to where he was, he was flying around. He was playing care-free football and making some happen. He's kind of gotten into that freshman groove, whether it be school and everything coming at him at one time, and just not turning it loose. I've kind of challenged him also. ‘What happened to that young, fiery kid that first came here—that was flying around, fighting everybody and trying to make some things happen?' Yesterday was good for him, and I also saw a difference in him last week at the end of practice. That's the guy I'm looking for." Top Stories