Jones Preparing for Playoffs

Quarterback Demetrius Jones of Morgan Park high school (Chicago, Ill.) is excited about getting to Notre Dame so he can play in Charlie Weis' offense, but he has some unfinished business to attend to before he makes it to South Bend.

"We had the city playoff game to qualify for the state playoffs. We won 46 to zip," Jones said. "We have a No.2 seed. We finished up 8-1. We won the (Chicago) Public League Championship. I haven't lost to a public league team my entire career. I'm 21-0 against public league teams. I don't think anyone has done that three years in a row. I've only lost three games in my high school career.

"My sophomore year we went to the quarter-finals; last year we went to the semi's so this year we're going to the state championship game."

Although Demetrius' high school career isn't over, he can't help but look ahead. With his physical ability, Jones can't wait to get an opportunity to play in Charlie Weis' offense.

"Every time I see Brady (Quinn) throwing for that type of yardage, I get excited," he said. "His (Charlie Weis') system is going to fit me perfect. With the way he rolls out the quarterback and gives him a chance to scramble. As mobile as I am, it's going to open a whole different dimension of the offense.

"What you notice about Charlie's playbook, he protects the quarterback. A lot of times, you'll only see Samardzija and Stovall out in the pattern and they get open.

"He'll (Weis) get you second-guessing yourself on defense. He'll pull a guard or block down with a tackle on play action, and with all those linebackers reading their keys, he'll go over the top," Jones explained. "On Samardzija's touchdown, he (Weis) set them up with something on that play action. He showed them the same play earlier and he reeled them in -- he treated them like kids. He might not even show you the exact look, but it's so close that you're guessing and with a Hollywood play action fake he sucks you in."

Not only is Jones impressed with his future coach, but he's also impressed with the man who plays the position he hopes to replace some day – Brady Quinn.

"He's real good -- intelligence is his strength," Jones said about Brady Quinn. "His deep ball is his best ball. Brady throws one of the best "cover 2" balls, the one you have to throw on a rope, of anyone. He's done a real good job of hitting his receivers in stride, and there's a lot more that goes into that than just throwing the ball."

Demetrius didn't have his exact season statistics, but he estimated them as, passing 120 – 160 for 1,800 yards and 24 touchdowns with four interceptions. He also has 500 rushing yards and one touchdown. Top Stories