Irish Eyes Video: Ryan Harris

Junior offensive lineman Ryan Harris talks about Tennessee after Tuesday's practice.

Ryan Harris talks about Notre Dame's game against the Volunteers on Saturday in this Irish Eyes Video

Ryan Harris Transcript

Harris on which defensive end he'll be playing against mostly on Saturday:

"I'll be going against No. 94. Jason Hall. He's a good player. He plays fast, he plays hard, kind of like all their defense. We're really looking forward to the challenge."

On what he remembers about the game last year in Knoxville:

"By far the toughest defensive front we faced. I remember certain points in the game last year we were just looking over at each other and we knew it was going to be a battle on the front lines. We're looking forward to that same type of game. They're just the defensive front we faced, and I think defense as a whole in terms of speed and ability."

On if Tennessee players talk a lot during the game:

"That's something between the players, but there's definitely a lot of emotion going on on the field."

On if this is a test to see how far the offensive line has come this season:

"To be able to rush against Tennessee, to be able to score touchdowns against the Tennessee defense, which has allowed only five touchdowns the whole year, that's a big accomplishment. That's something that we want to do as an offense just so we can prove to ourselves that we are taking that next step as an offense."

On if breaking their streak of not allowing a 100-yard rusher this season would be a big accomplishment:

"That would also be something excellent. Any success we'd have against them would be an accomplishment to us because we respect their defense tremendously."

On if they can block out their 3-4 record and treat them like a 6-1 or 7-0 team coming in:

"Absolutely. Last year we were in their same shoes. We went into their stadium, we had nothing to lose, and we came out victorious. We've been in that mentality. We know what they're going to come in here thinking They've had a couple of bad breaks. Everybody knows about the fumble against Alabama—that wins the game right there. They're a talented team. They've had a couple of bad breaks."

On what the O-line and team did during the bye week:

"Regroup on mental focus. Sometimes throughout the season, especially after an emotional first half the season, we kind of lost our focus a little bit. We want to be mentally sharp as well as physically on our techniques. That's something we regained in that second bye week and we hope is really going to help us out."

On what the O-line got out of the BYU victory:

"We build on our responsibilities. Really they played a variation of an odd defense, and we will see more odd defenses. To come out of a game like BYU knowing we probably saw every possible blitz out of an odd defense, that's comforting to know that we handled it the way we did. Coming against teams in the future, no matter what they throw at us, on the go, in the huddle, we can make adjustments."

On the Tennessee defense and what he expects from UT on Saturday:

"They do different things for every game they play. They kind of play a theme defense in the terms of what they see is going to work against the teams, so we really don't know what they're going to do, but we know they have the ability to do a lot of things, and the ability to shut down a lot of offenses. That's something that we definitely respect, and it definitely elevates our game." Top Stories