Irish Eyes Video: Corey Mays

Notre Dame linebacker Corey Mays talks about the upcoming game against the Vols.

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Corey Mays Transcript

Mays on Brandon Hoyte's leadership on defense:

"Really, as seniors, you have to be the first to step up. Whether you're in there on not, you have to be accountable. Character is what you do when no one is looking. When the coaches aren't around, and the players look up to you and see what you're doing, you have to always be doing the right things."

On how the two bye weeks have affected the team:

"Really we haven't thought about the bye weeks. It's really about Tennessee and preparing for them. It's just like a regular week."

On if it's nice to have that extra week off to heal and prepare:

"It's nice, but it doesn't matter because you still have to get the job done."

On Tennessee and watching their tape and seeing a dangerous team as Weis mentioned in his Tuesday press conference:

"There's plenty of great athletes. Sometimes you fall short. Sometimes the ball is overthrown by a couple of inches—fumbles, turnovers, they're a great team. They took Alabama down to the wire. That's definitely evidence of how great of a team they are."

On Tennessee's running game and if he feels they're not the traditional dominating Tennessee running team college football fans know:

"They're averaging well over 100 yards a game so I think they're running the ball well. Like I said, falling short a couple of times with turnovers, mistakes, can really hurt you in a ball game. Especially big ball games, which they have been playing."

On if playing a team like Tennessee, a traditional power in college football, will get you that little bit extra fired up for Saturday:

"This whole year has been really crazy—ups and downs—a lot emotions. This is another game you really have to get up for. This is another statement game for our season."

On Tennessee coming into this game in a similar situation that Notre Dame was in last year when the Irish beat the Vols in Knoxville"

"We just look at the film and look at them and see that they're a dangerous team. We really don't have to focus on anything like last year. We're focusing on them right now and we know that anything can happen, so we basically have to come out swinging." Top Stories