Irish Eyes Video: Tom Zbikwoski

Junior safety Tom Zbikowski remembers the Tennessee game last season and expects another battle with the Volunteers on Saturday.

Tommy Zbikowski talks about the Tennessee game on Saturday in this Irish Eyes Video

Tom Zbikowski Transcript

Zbikowski on being labeled a bend-but-don't-break defense:

.. "As long as you get the job done, but we want to be known as a dominant defense. There's no question about that."

On how coach Weis has gone about trying to get people to stop the line of scrimmage penalties this week:

"I know for the linemen, if they're jumping off sides, they've got to start running. Luckily I don't have that problem, so I've been safe with that."

Ball security has also been an issue and Weis singled Zbikowski out as a guy who needed to work on that:

"Yeah, I've been carrying the ball with two hands for him this week."

On his thoughts on the game last year in Knoxville:

"They love their football down there. They're very passionate about it. I remember going into that stadium. We started off pretty good. The crowd wasn't into it, but I remember the third quarter when the crowd got loud. We're at home, so the crowd is to our advantage this week, but playing in that type of football, they're very passionate about their football."

On if this team looks like it as Tennessee is in a very similar situation as to what they were in last year heading into this game:

"Yeah, I definitely think so. This is probably one of the most talented teams in the country. Things just haven't gone their way. This is a formidable opponent."

On if he remembers Hoyte's play at the end of the first half last year when he took out their quarterback:

"Yeah, I remember that. That kind of set the tone for the second half. Clausen got into that game, so we got a chance to see him last year."

On Hoyte's knack for knocking quarterbacks out of the game:

"Yeah, hopefully he'll do that again this week."

On if it's tougher to prepare knowing they might see two quarterbacks in the game:

"One being righty and one being lefty, they have two different styles. We go on formation stuff. We base our defense on formations and kind of their strengths. They're both real good quarterbacks."

On Tennessee's offense:

"Looking at their receivers, they've got six receivers that all are pretty much equal in talent (and) could probably start for any team in the country. They're speed is unbelievable. Their offensive line is big. Their quarterbacks are good. Things haven't gone their way, but this is a different week. Whatever happened in the past doesn't matter. They come out clicking and it's going to be a fight."

On what has been the difference this year with this team and why they come out so prepared to play this year compared to them stalling early last year:

"I think it's coach Weis, but the team has matured a lot, especially what we've gone through with the off-season. We came here to win. We don't want to worry about coaching changes or what's going on outside of football. We can here to win, and I think that the team has matured, and I think in an emotional game like (USC), and coming back and winning BYU, I think you're seeing the maturity of our team." Top Stories