Do the Irish Have Competition for Brown?

Sergio Brown of Proviso East high school (Maywood, Ill.) committed to the Irish after his official visit for the Michigan State game. Even though he told the Irish staff that he was coming to South Bend, he said that he'd like to take a few more visits to see what other schools had to offer. He made one of those visits this past weekend.

Sergio Brown is one of three safeties that committed to the Irish after the Michigan State game. Brown hasn't been able to make it back to South Bend because Proviso East played a couple games on Saturday, but with his team's season over, was Sergio able to make it to South Bend for the Tennessee game?

"No, I didn't make. I actually made went to visit LSU this weekend," he replied when asked if he was in the stands for the Irish game this past weekend.

"I did tape the game and I watched most of it," he said of Notre Dame's 41-21 victory over Tennessee. "They played really well. Tommy Zbikowski had a great game,"

"It was alright," he said of his official trip to Baton Rogue. "They played Appalachian State, so the crowd wasn't really crazy."

Brown's visit to LSU will probably concern more than a few Irish fans, but Sergio put any of those fears to rest.

"I'm locked up," he said of his commitment to Charlie Weis and the Notre Dame program. "I was going to take some other visits, but I'm done. The only visit I'm going to take now is to Notre Dame.

"I'm just going to hang out in town this weekend, but I'm going to the Syracuse game and then I'll take my official visit for the banquet." Top Stories