Evans Leaves No Doubt

To truly gauge just how talented a recruit truly is, one must see him play live. After watching Darren Evans play live for the first time this past Friday night there was no doubt that my eyes were opened.

Hello, my name is Darren Evans and I am going to run over you. Instead of Warren Central being placed across his jersey this past Friday night, Darren Evans would have been much more polite if he would have just let the opposing defense know what was coming. But then again, it was pretty obvious watching the first quarter, which he completely dominated, scoring two touchdowns in route to 50-point blowout for Indianapolis Warren Central over Lawrence North, that the Wildcats' defenders were in for a long night.

Power - If you like pure power football, Evans has what you are looking for. Make no mistake about it, when he takes the handoff, a collision is imminent. Warren Central runs pure option football out of the Wing-T. Evans is the fullback and without question the No. 1 option (no pun intended) each and every time the QB steps under center. Gaining most of his yardage from simple dive plays, Evans hits the hole quickly and has a low center of gravity as he runs "down hill." Evans will occasionally make a juke-move, but most of the time it is…BAM!

Durability - I literally lost track of how many plays in a row Evans carried the football. It had to be over 10 plays during two first quarter drives. It was incredible. Even with the entire Lawrence North defense geared to stop him, Evans just kept on truckin'. Evans was a young man on a mission and played that way the entire football game.

Vision - Playing fullback is not the same as lining up seven yards deep and taking the handoff, but Evans has tailback skills as evidenced by his ability to make linebackers and safeties alike miss within tight quarters. Stopping as one defender goes by, sidestepping as another defender lunges towards him, Evans is an excellent runner; especially when he breaks into the second level of a defense, where his size and running style becomes an even bigger factor.

Attitude - Ever see a player purposely bump into an opponents' shoulder pads after he scores a touchdown or makes a big play? Evans would let the opposition know what was still to come after select plays, especially touchdowns. He plays with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, although he did not openly taunt anyone or go overboard. He reminds me a little bit of Jerome Bettis with the way he does this. Bettis still bumps a few guys on the way back to the huddle even at the end of his career. Evans did the same thing during a few plays this past Friday night.

Speed - Evans is not a true burner by any means, but he is an effective running back and will only become faster as he matures. He had two long runs during last Friday's game, so one might say Evans has "football speed."

SMITTY'S TAKE - I truly like Darren Evans as a future tailback. He is very talented and will likely receive many offers from top Division I schools. Notre Dame is one of many such schools that are already recruiting him. Evans took an unofficial visit to Notre Dame this past weekend to watch Notre Dame defeat Tennessee.

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