Irish Eyes Video: Bob Morton

Irish offensive lineman Bob Morton talks to the media about the upcoming game against Navy.

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Bob Morton Transcript

On where the offensive line has improved the most:

"I think, it sounds kind of corny, the trust factor. We've all stepped up our game so much that I know the person next to me is going to come through and do their job and I'd hope they say the same thing for me. Knowing the person behind you, in front of you and beside you are going to do their job makes it a whole lot easier to not step in their field of play."

On if he has any pre-game rituals:

"Everyone has their own ritual. For me it's really no different. It's not a matter of superstition per se', it's more of a thing of habit. As far as getting ankles taped and stuff like that, I kind of have different phases of when I'm in the training room, at my locker. It just a matter of getting all the body pieces nice and secure before I throw the uniform on."

On playing an undersized line and if that's an advantage or a disadvantage:

"It can be either. You look at defenses that we've played in the past. There's been really big defenses we've struggled with. There's been small defenses we've struggle with. (Navy) is a really complex defense. They shift in and out of odd and even defenses, different personnel, and so they're quick guys on the defensive line. That kind of scheme always poses a problem. We're just working here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so we can be as prepared as we can come Saturday."

On Navy's never say die attitude they bring to this game every time these two teams play:

"I don't want to sit here and jump on the bandwagon by saying these guys are going to be the guys defending our country, but it's true. There's a different mentality that they have than we have about every day life. So when go out there and compete, this is fun for them. When they're going 110 miles per hour, and that's what we're striving to do, it's their joy to go and do that. It doesn't matter how many times they hit the dirt, they're going to be right back up. That's the kind of personnel they bring to the football field."

On how ND could beat Navy 41 years in a row:

"I have no idea. I haven't been here that long. The only time that I've seen it has been the past few, and there's been some closer ones that we would like to exceed. We're going to do everything we can do to prepare for this week, because the only number I'm concerned with is two because that's the number of games we've won in a row. No doubt we want to make it three."

Does extending that 41-game streak wear on the team?

"Not at all. It's not for us to worry about. None of us were around when it all started. These guys weren't alive when it started so it shouldn't matter to them either."

On if the team has touched on beating Navy 41 times:

"We didn't. I've beaten them three, and there are freshmen where who haven't beat them at all. This is a football game. It comes down to our team in 2005 and their team in 2005. Anytime you want to look back in the past, whether it be a week or whether it be years, you're not focusing on the team you're getting ready to play."

On the key this week for Navy's shifting defensive fronts:

"I think recognition by the offensive line—by John Sullivan and myself—making sure the offensive line is on the same page. Brady (Quinn) making sure the entire offense is on the right page with what defense they're in, what personnel is in the game. That's going to be the key to getting us started. Other than that, it's coming off the ball in the same manner that we've been trying to do since the beginning of the season."

On how they become focused for a team like Navy:

"Anytime you start a week on Tuesday, you have to get whatever is in your mind out. It's time to start over as a football player. Once Tuesday hits you can't think about the person you played last week or the person you played last year. You have to think about the person you're going against, and that's what we've been very good at doing so far. Wiping the slate clean as far as mentally and emotionally and really stepping forward into the next week."

On how much the coaching staff plays a part in that or is it the leadership on the team?

"I think it's a big combination of both because I think the coaching staff doesn't want to sit there and be the ones to get us focused, but they're definitely there if we need to them to be. I think with the leadership on our team we've done a fair job of wiping our minds clean of what's happened in the past weeks. I think we know the coaches are right there if we choose to get a little (relaxed). They're not going to let us. They're be right there to make sure they're steering us forward." Top Stories