Irish Eyes Video: Maurice Crum Jr

Maurice Crum Jr talks to the media about the upcoming game against Navy.

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Maurice Crum Transcript

On playing the Navy offense:

"You've got dive, quarterback and pitch, and it's divided evenly among the team and everybody takes something."

On what his responsibility is this week:

"I'll be everywhere. It just depends on the call."

On if it's a little more complicated to get ready for this offense:

"Yeah, it's different. We haven't seen it week in and week out. We have to prepare a different way because it's something different."

On if it's fun to prepare for this type of offense:

"It's a lot of fun, but sometimes you kind of get frustrated at times, but it's football."

On the respect he has for this team off the football field:

"You've got to respect guys like this. To them football is the easiest part of the day. What they do for our country is amazing. You can't have anything but respect for them."

On what Navy is like on the football field:

"They play hard because, like I said, football is their recreation. It's not a job to them, so it's just fun. When go against people like that you always have to be ready because they just won't quit."

On if we'll see Tommy Zbikowski on offense this week:

"I don't know where Tommy will be. He just scores touchdowns. Probably around the ball though, I can guarantee you that."

On if he faced option offenses when in high school often:

"Yeah, I seen a lot of it. I've seen a lot of different forms, the Wing T, the flexbone, pretty much all of it. They're all pretty much the same. Quarterback dive, pitch, certain counters and certain alignments and blocking schemes. They're all pretty much the same. It's just a higher level here."

On if he's impressed with how Navy executes their offense:

"If it's run well and you're not disciplined, it's gone, you can count on that. You've got to be disciplined playing option football."

On if he worries about Navy going over the top on the defense:

"You have to because they run, run run, and before you know it, it's play-action pass. You've got to be alert."

On if the players have to put in a few extra hours to prepare for a team like this:

"You have to because, like I said, it's different, so you've got to prepare a little bit longer and a little bit harder. You've got to put a little more effort into it."

Did the Purdue game and their option package help at all for this week:

"Yeah, somewhat because they ran some option. That kind of gave us a little bit." Top Stories