Irish Eyes Video: Tom Zbikowski

Junior safety Tom Zbikowski is having an outstanding season. The 6-0, 200-pound Chicago native talks about his season and the Navy game in this video clip.

Safety Tommy Zbikowski talks about Navy in this Irish Eyes Video

We've added a transcript for those that cannot view the videos.

Tom Zbikowski Transcript

Tom Zbikowski on if he thinks about his future in the NFL:

"Navy, right now. That's as far as it goes. When the season is over I'll definitely look at that. It's been a goal my entire life to play in the NFL, try to make that next level." On his major:

"Sociology and computer applications."

On how he would apply that in the real world if the NFL didn't work out:

"I'd try to get an internship with secret service, CIA stuff. I don't think I'm the type to be in a business suit all the time. I'd have to get some action."

On why he got into boxing:

"I was tired of my older brother beating me up all the time. He's 3 ½ years older. My sister is 7 ½ years older, she was beating me up too."

On how early he started boxing:

"I was 9-years old."

On the offense not being happy with him as he's scoring all the touchdowns:

"I'm going to keep doing my job—keep helping out the defense in any way I can. If (the offense) don't want to get it done, I guess I'll have to take it."

On what he keeps in mind as a punt returner out on the field so he can be successful:

"Walter Payton, his big thing was ‘fight for one more yard.' When I get that ball, the guys are on the punt return are busting their butt trying to get a block. I can't let them down so I do anything I can to get an extra yard."

On being a North-South runner on returns:

"Just hit it. Coach needs 10 yards. That helps out the offense with them not having to pick up a first down, so I hit 10 yards as fast as I can."

On how hard he had to plead with Weis to put him back as a returner:

"Just letting him know, ‘let me get the ball in my hands and I'll show you what I can do with it.' Hopefully it's worked out so far."

On his thoughts about the Navy players off the field:

"I've got all the respect in the world for them. I had two grandfathers that were Marines, so I know what they go through. A lot of the guys on this team, when we're done we're looking to go the NFL and get a big pay job. These guys are going to fight for us in Iraq or wherever they're going."

On if the next three games are kind of like a playoff atmosphere where if they win their games they get to advance to the big prize:

"I think that's what the whole month of November is about. Great teams win out in November. That's what we've got to do. That's what we've got to keep our focus on." Top Stories