Young Still in Playoffs

Offensive lineman Sam Young has been busy closing out his season lately. St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) continues to roll through the playoffs, and Young's playoff schedule has made it difficult for the top offensive tackle to concentrate on recruiting. When will Young be making his official visits?

Offensive tackle prospect Sam Young is a hard guy to track down these days, but we were able to speak to his father on Sunday about Sam's recruiting.

"We're finally getting back to normal after the hurricane," Mr. Young said. "We had two games this week, so it's been pretty hectic around here."

Young had been scheduled to visit Notre Dame for the Tennessee game, but that plan was changed once the hurricane hit the Fort Lauderdale area.

"He really wanted to go up there but the hurricane changed our schedule," Mr. Young said. "We ended up having practice on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend and a game on Tuesday, so Sam felt he better stick around to practice with his team. He didn't want to let his team down."

St. Thomas Aquinas continues to win and that has thrown a wrench in Young's recruiting schedule.

"He hasn't scheduled any," Mr. Young said when asked if Sam had finalized any plans for his official visits. "The playoff schedule makes it tough. We just don't know how far they will go, so it's really hard to schedule anything.

"I think if they go all the way the final game is on December 10th, so we don't know when he'll be able to schedule his visits. It's going to be hard to schedule them until we know how far his team will go in the playoffs."

Mr. Young also said he's not sure if Sam will be able to take all five visits at this point.

"I think it's going to be tough for him to take all five if his team makes it all the way," he said. "He's been invited to play in the Cal-Florida game. He's also been invited to play in the Army All-American game, so that's two weekends he won't be able to visit.

"I know he'd like to take all five. He really wanted to come up to Notre Dame for a game and get that atmosphere. He also wanted to go to Michigan-Ohio State to see what that game atmosphere was like. That doesn't look likely now.

"But he's been to all of these schools before. It's good we made all of those trips. Some of them he's been to two or three times. He'll just have to schedule his official visits when his season is over." Top Stories