Reuland Returns From Irish Visit

After the 2006 football season Notre Dame will only have three tight ends on the roster, and considering how much Charlie Weis likes to utilize the tight end in his offense, adding Konrad Reuland to the 2006 recruiting class might be more of a need than a luxury.

Mission Viejo high school (Calif.) tight end Konrad Reuland is the type of player a team adds to make transform a good recruiting class into a special recruiting class. With the Irish battling Stanford, UCLA, USC, Miami, and Nebraska for his signature, a persuasive official visit was imperative.

"It was awesome, I had a really good time," Konrad said of his recent trip to the Notre Dame campus for the Navy game. "I went with my dad, my mom and my little brother. The game atmosphere was just unbelievable. I've never seen anything like it. I've only been to schools (for games) like USC and UCLA, but I thought the fans got really involved and I that that was really cool.

"I was sitting right in front of the student section and they brought me up and did this push-up thing," Reuland describe of the Notre Dame student body's tradition of lifting fans in the air after and Irish score. "That was something I wasn't expecting. I went up after seven (points) and 21 (points). They got my little brother up there too. I think they did 42 push-ups with him. That was cool – that was a lot of fun.

"I was at the pep rally on Friday. I thought it was cool how they filled the whole gym for just a pep rally.

Konrad's parents had an opportunity to visit Notre Dame with their son in August on an unofficial visit. They were impressed with what the school had to offer, but still wanted an opportunity to see the school during a football weekend.

"They really liked it," he said of his parent's impression of the visit. "They thought it was a great school. They thought the game-day experience was really cool. My little brother, I got him in the locker room. He got to meet Brady Quinn and some of the other guys. He was really excited about it. He was just dying to meet some of the guys on the team, and they came over and said high to him.

"On Friday my host was Chris Frome. He's from California too. He's from Hart high school and on Saturday it was Anthony Fasano. I had a lot of fun with those guys."

Reuland's recruiting trips don't stop as he visits one of his PAC-10 favorites this weekend.

"I visit Stanford this weekend," he said of his planned trip to Palo Alto. "They play Cal; it's a huge game, so it should be fun."

Comments: Konrad really enjoyed his two visits to Notre Dame so they are in very good shape. He'd like to have a decision made by Christmas, so the recruiting battle will heat up from here. The Irish have a lot of recruiting momentum right now and hopefully they can parlay that into making this an outstanding recruiting class. Top Stories