Irish Eyes Video: Anthony Fasano

Notre Dame tight end Anthony Fasano talks to the media about Saturday's game against Syracuse.

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Anthony Fasano Transcript

Fasano on senior day:

"For the guys that definitely are leaving, you definitely want to send them out the right way. I think we have a great opportunity to do that this week. I know a lot of younger guys are taking it serious. They realize the impact…you can't fully realize until it starts ticking down with the last couple of practices and games that you're going to play at Notre Dame."

On not having made a decision, will he feel like this is his last home game at ND, as it could be if he leaves for the NFL draft:

"I try to go out every game, it could be last game any time, so I try to take advantage of that. This game is going to have a little bit more emotion not knowing what my future is going to be."

On what it's been like playing for ND considering some of the ups and downs the team has had while he's been here:

"That's what's going to make me proud to be here and made it through and did well. I think I've definitely grown as a person, on and off the field. I think a lot of things on the field helped me grow as a person. My experience has been just been top notch. You couldn't ask for anything more from a college football program and being a student. I've going to leave this place with a lot of great memories."

On having the opportunity to play for Charlie Weis:

"I'm actually bitter because I'll only get to play for a year or two. When he came in, I wish I was a freshman again. It's great. I'm just trying to take in all of his knowledge and all he can offer in the short amount of time that I'm going to spend with him."

On how tough Weis is on the players:

"Not at all. We came here expecting a rigorous schedule and doing the right things and being a good person. The kids that came here have those qualities, so it's really not out of nature."

On how much it means to him that the offense is having a record-setting season considering this might be his last year:

"When the offense wasn't producing the last couple of years it was awfully tough walking back to the sidelines and into the locker room and know that you really didn't produce for your team that much. Coming in it's great to feel that you're the strong link of the team and that you can provide points whenever necessary and help the team out."

On if it's hard to come off the field and look at the defense when the offense didn't produce during a drive:

"It is, but it's a team game, and that's what you have to focus on…..the big picture. All 11 guys on offense are trying just as hard as all 11 guys on defense. We all know that and we just try to pick each other up when another is down."

On how much fun it's been this year considering the two previous years weren't necessarily the greatest:

"This year I thinking we're begging to get on the field and get the ball back. Just give us the ball again and we'll turn it into points. That mentality of wanting to get out there and dictate the game and really help out the team has been the best part of being on this offense this year."

On what criteria he'll use to evaluate if he'll leave early for the NFL draft:

"I think what's best for my family and I. I think I've had a great time at Notre Dame. Either way I'm going to leave here with some great memories."

On if the opportunity to possibly play for a National Championship next year will play a role in his decision:

"Definitely. I came here to win a National Championship and I came here to win a lot of games. I think we have that coming in the future, so that will weigh heavily in my decision." Top Stories