Richardson Makes Decision

Morrice Richardson is an athletic defensive end from Westlake High School in Atlanta, Ga. that has made his college decision. Richardson was choosing between Notre Dame and Georgia Tech, and he knows his future destination.

"I just committed to Notre Dame," said Richardson. "They have great coaches, facilities and academics."

A change in scenery played a big part in Richardson's decision. Academics was key in helping to narrow down his list of choices, and he is looking forward to spending his time in South Bend. "The best things about Notre Dame is that it's 8,000 undergrads. So instead of being in a classes with 25,000 people, there are hands on faculty. It's probably 10 to 20 kids per faculty member instead of two or three hundred in the early classes. You have a better chance of understanding the curriculum."

"The campus is really clean, and the people there are nice people. They're concerned with the athletes. They have a great staff and a great team. They have a good head coach."

"Lastly, it's not a big city with all of the hustle and bustle. It's a small town with not so much to do that it's a distraction, but enough to keep you happy so you can focus on football, school and church. You can't have a reason to not go to church up there; it's not like you can't say you couldn't find one," Richardson added with a laugh. "They have churches yup there like Georgia has Waffle Houses."

It was tough telling the home team he was going to Notre Dame with the relationship he had built with the Tech coaching staff.

"Coach Tommie Robinson is an awesome human being. He doesn't treat you like it's all about recruiting. Sometimes when he called we didn't talk about recruiting at all. We talked about life. They're good people through and through. They have morals and high quality, and that's what made it so hard for me. I love the coaches there."

Notre Dame won out in the end though, and Richardson is looking forward to a new chapter in his life.

"I'm looking forward to enjoying the college town atmosphere, being able to see some different scenery. both schools have great academics, both have great athletes and a good program. It was just something I wanted to experience for myself."

Richardson put a lot of time and effort into the entire recruiting process, and he narrowed his list of schools to places that were good fits for him academically, athletically, and socially. While we can't predict the future on the football field with absolute certainty, there's little doubt that Richardson is going to be a success at Notre Dame one way or another. Top Stories