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Linebacker Morrice Richardson has made his choice. Irish Eyes also spoke with Richardson a short while ago to get his thoughts on his commitment to Notre Dame.

"I just felt like it was the best place for me," Morrice Richardson said when asked why he chose Notre Dame.

"I also like Lucky Charms. It's my favorite cereal," he said with a laugh.

Richardson actually committed to Notre Dame over the weekend, but he felt he had to tell the other coaches recruiting him before making his decision public.

"I was really close with Georgia Tech," he said. "I really respected their coaches, so I wanted to call them and tell them out of respect for how they treated me and the respect I have for their program. They have some great people there."

So how does Richardson feel to have his decision out of the way?

"It's a big relief," he admitted. "I knew when I went up there for the USC game, but I wanted to make sure, so I went back again."

Richardson said he was sold on the game-day atmosphere at Notre Dame as well as other things.

"It was crazy there for USC, but I knew that it wouldn't be like that for every game, so I wanted to go see what it was like for Navy," he said. "The fans were actually into it. The place was sold out. I had a lot of fun.

"I also really liked the coaching staff there, and when you get a degree from Notre Dame, you can do things on your own terms. I liked that a lot."

We asked Richardson if leaving home was the biggest hurdle the Irish had to clear to get his signature.

"Not really," he said. "That's actually one of the neat parts about it. I think it will be great to live in another state. I'm looking forward to that."

And what did his family think of his decision?

"My mom wanted to go up there and see about their education. She knew that they made sure you getting your work done at Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. That was her only reservation, but she was definitely satisfied with that.

"My dad thought it was the right and best decision for me. They both did in the end, even though they liked Georgia Tech as well, and would've been happy for me if I chose them as well." Top Stories