Irish Eyes Video: Mark LeVoir

Senior offensive lineman Mark LeVoir talks about playing his final game in Notre Dame Stadium.

Offensive tackle Mark LeVoir talks about Saturday's game in this Irish Eyes Video

Mark LeVoir Transcript

LeVoir on how he'll deal with senior week:

"I'm just focusing on Syracuse. I haven't really thought about that. I try not to think about that as much."

On how he'll deal with being introduced for the last time for a home game:

"All good things have to come to an end, and I feel privileged and honored to play for an University like this. It's just the next step. Obviously it's going to come to an end sometime."

On what's going to stand out the most to him:

"All the great experiences I've had with my teammates. Hopefully I can go out there and perform well and do well for them as well….all the other seniors that I've come in with."

On the possibility of playing in poor weather this weekend: "For me that's not really foreign coming from Minnesota. That's something I've kind of missed—not playing in that. That's real football, and that's fun for an offensive linemen because you know you're going to run the ball and pound them."

On if either team has an advantage if the weather is poor:

"They're in Syracuse. They don't have the greatest weather there. I'm sure they're practice outside. It's probably a lot colder there than it's been here. You've got to focus on the little things—attention to detail—when the weather gets bad. Ball security, as an offensive lineman, making sure you have your feet underneath you so you're not sliding around."

On if the clips from the 2003 Syracuse game had any impact on the team when they watched them today:

"I don't like to try to focus on the past, but it did get us pretty well."

On if that helps them getting ready for this game:

"Yeah, you'd liked to come away with a win. They're a good team and we've got to focus on them."

On if the way his senior season has gone has been the perfect ending to his season:

"I think it's a whole team effort. We've grown a lot. We've gone through the growing pains. Now we're starting to see the rewards of that."

On if the emotions would get to him when walking out of the tunnel for the last time:

"Yeah probably when I'm exiting the field, a little bit." Top Stories