No Room at the Inn?

Are you ready to play the numbers game? Have you been keeping track? I'm going to guess probably not as close as you think.

The commitment of linebacker Morrice Richardson on Monday gave the Irish 20 public verbal commitments for the season.

We've all heard of the possibility of early enrollees, and so far we've already confirmed James Aldridge will be doing just that and enrolling in Notre Dame in January.

So now it becomes a numbers game. The math can get confusing.

With Aldridge enrolling early, that moves the number back to 19 commitments of the 25 allotment the Irish can land in any given class, including this class. But there are still a lot of top targets on the table.

If Houston, Texas offensive lineman Chris Stewart chooses the Irish tomorrow, that would give the Irish 21 commitments, but he also would be enrolling in January, thus the Irish would still have 6 more scholarships to give.

Wide receiver George West is also said to be considering enrolling early, and his decision would move the number back to 18 commitments, giving the Irish seven more scholarships to offer for this season.

But there still are a lot of top prospects still on the board, and the Irish might have to turn away some very good prospects in the end.

Wide receiver Richard Jackson will announce his decision tomorrow between Notre Dame, Georgia Tech and Miami. We'd be very surprised if he didn't choose the Irish.

At offensive line, the Irish still are awaiting word on Matt Carufel, Daniel Wenger and Sam Young. All three would be considered likely Irish commitments depending on who you speak with. Notre Dame is also recruiting Lou Eliades, and he's said to have the Irish high on his list.

The Irish are also waiting for word on Konrad Reuland, a top tight end also rumored to be leaning heavily towards the Irish.

At defensive line the Irish are still waiting on decisions by top prospects Gerald McCoy, Butch Lewis and Jason Kates.

Notre Dame is also waiting on decisions from three top linebacker prospects in Toryan Smith Micah Johnson and Anthony Lewis.

If you believe the rumors, and we're not suggesting the rumors are true, Richard Jackson and Matt Carufel are already in fold for the Irish and considered "silent" commitments. Many believe Konrad Reuland is also considered very likely to commit to Notre Dame.

If those three are in fold, that would leave the Irish just four scholarships to offer from Gerald McCoy, Daniel Wenger, Sam Young, Butch Lewis, Micah Johnson, Toryan Smith, Anthony Lewis, Jason Kates and Lou Eliades.

Anyone think Notre Dame is still taking two defensive tackles? Some very good players are going to find out there's no more room at the inn. Top Stories