Irish Eyes Video: Corey Mays

Irish linebacker Corey Mays talks about his family and the community service he's done while at Notre Dame.

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Corey Mays Transcript

Mays on if he was a big Chris Zorich fan growing up: "Yeah, his worth ethic, his nastiness and his approach to the game."

On having a 4.2 in high school and if he had to work hard at school in high school:

"I had to put in a lot of hours. Nothing really every came easy. It was just like everything else. You have to put work in. You have to come prepared every day. Luckily I had great family support, and I was able to accomplish a lot of things that I've been able to do thus far in my life:

On how much his mom Karen has meant to him:

"She's jokes now and says she's my (public relations) person. She really takes cares of a lot of things. I owe a debt of gratitude to her. There aren't words that can really explain what she's been and what she's done for my life:

On if he was ever a bratty teenager and didn't appreciate her:

(He said with a big laugh) "I think we all went through and adolescent period, a transition period to adulthood. We find ourselves in compromising situations."

On his mentoring program that he's been involved in since he's been at ND:

"I'm just always talking to the youth, and being a privileged position, when you people look up to you, it was kind of no-brainer…..something to do, something to start, something to care to help out communities."

On if he feels like he's made a difference in some of these kid's lives:

"Yeah, I feel like I have really made a difference, but it's been other people supporting them and continuing to support them to continue their improvement in life in whatever they want to do."

On if he finds himself learning from the kids that he's talking to:

"You learn the most by listening and understanding people's situation and point of view. A lot of people sit back and say ‘why does this person make that move or do that,' or they blame that person for the situation they're in. It's not always the case. Sometimes you have to be cognizant of what others are going through."

On how long he's been doing this:

"Really I have been volunteering since elementary schools all over, at the shelters, the little kid shelters, doing whatever I can." Top Stories