Martin Receives First Offer

Cincinnati, Ohio star Ben Martin picked up his first offer recently. The 6-6, 220-pound LaSalle high school pass rusher received a text, made a call, and landed an offer from one of his top schools. What did Martin think of his first offer?

"I was shocked," Ben Martin said of receiving his first offer from Irish head coach Charlie Weis. "I received a text message from coach Weis and he asked me to call him.

"I was heading to practice. This was about 9 AM. I waited and called him back around 3 PM. It was like he dropped a bomb on me. I wasn't expecting them to offer this early. I was really surprised."

Martin said he was very happy to receive his offer from Notre Dame.

"Coach Weis just said he wanted me to know that he wanted me and that he was offering me a full scholarship to Notre Dame," Martin said. "They're season isn't even over with yet and they've already offered me. That really made me feel wanted."

"I told my mom first," said Martin when asked who he informed first that he had received his first offer. "She was really shocked too, but she was also very happy for me, and very happy I would be getting a free education."

We asked Martin where the Irish stand with him right now.

"They were already one of my favorites," he said. "I already had them very high on my list. This certainly helps. They were the first to step to the table.

"I went up there for the USC game this year. That as a crazy game, and I loved it there. I just need to see what else is out there."

Martin also said he'll also get back to Notre Dame sometime in the future.

"I plan to go back there sometime this spring or summer," he said. "I'll probably go visit a few schools. I'm not sure when I'll make my decision."

Comments: The Irish certainly helped their case with an offer for Martin. He seems pretty high on Notre Dame, but Ohio State is also in the mix according to his coach Tom Grippa. We expect Martin to make an early decision. Martin also didn't know that teams held junior days that he'll be invited to soon. He said he'd likely attend some junior days as well this winter. Top Stories