Irish Eyes Video: Darius Walker

Notre Dame running back Darius Walker talks about the upcoming game against The Cardinal.

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Darius Walker Transcript

Darius Walker on Stanford's defense:

"They show me a very physical team. Their linebackers are kind of slow-flow linebackers, which makes the game a little different than what I think our offense is used to. We're used to linebackers flying over the top, and they're kind of a slow-flow team. They're big, physical guys. They do a lot of blitzing and a variety of blitzing as well. That can cause some problems for our offense."

On how their linebackers fake and disguise blitzes:

"It can be a problem, but I think it's important for us to realize who the Will is and who the Sam is. That makes the situation a lot easier even though they may be on the line. Most of the time they're on the line they're in a two-point stance, so you can kind of point them out and figure out which guy is which. The main thing is just figuring out who is who and then it works."

On if he takes pride in his pass protection and picking up the blitz:

"I take a lot of pride in that. Pass protection is something that's very important for a running back, and I realize that. I've been working very hard all season for towards that and working very hard to step my game up as far as pass (protection) goes. Being able to pass protect is a real important thing."

On if Stanford blitzes as much as Tennessee or BYU does:

"Maybe not as much but they definitely blitz a lot more than the team we played last week. They sort of run a little loop game sometimes. As long as we know that these things can happen, and are on the watch-out for them, I think we'll be alright."

On if they're a better team this year than last year:

"I think so. As far as the defense is concerned, they look like more of a physical team. A little more blitz-heavy than they were the previous year."

On if there are any similarities to the Pitt team they faced last year:

"Maybe a little bit. I think their linebackers are a little bit different than the Pitt linebackers because the Pitt linebackers are more fast-flowing, and again these guys are more slow-flow than the Pittsburgh team. They're definitely a good team and a good defense."

On if they feel any pressure knowing that if they win they're in a BCS game:

"You get to the last game of the season and you always want to finish out strong. Our next game is over five weeks away after this game with a bowl game. To end the season on a loss, you'll have that sour feeling in your mouth for quite some time. We understand what's at stake here, and we know this is a big game for both teams. I think Stanford is 5-5, and they need one more win to be bowl-eligible. They're definitely going to come out throwing everything at us."

On if the dollar amounts between the bowls puts any pressure on the team to win:

"I guess it would be different if the dollars were going in our pockets. You try to not look too much towards that and just focus on the task at hand." Top Stories