Ohio Junior Already Taking Some Visits

Canton South high school (Ohio) junior running back Devon Torrence isn't wasting his time getting to know his favorite schools. He has been to every home game at Ohio State and recently visited Notre Dame and Michigan.

Notre Dame will sign at least three players from Ohio in the 2006 recruiting class, John Ryan, Rob Parris and Kallen Wade. They have already offered junior Ben Martin of Cincinnati for next season, and the Irish have already stopped in to Canton South to talk to head coach Elmer Schuetz about Devon Torrence.

"Coach Ianlleo was down over their bye week," Schuetz said of Notre Dame's recruiting coordinator and wide receivers coach. "He came to see me and we talked about Devon. I sent the film to him this week.

"He's an outstanding player. He truly is a great athlete and he's a great kid," Schuetz said of his talented running back. "He's been the starting running back for us since his freshman year. He plays running back, wide receiver and defensive back for us and he also returns kicks and punts – he can do it all. "He has the one thing coaches can't coach, he has that burst and he has the speed. He has good size at 6-1 180 pounds. The other thing is that he just turned 16. He's going to be one of those kids that graduates when he's 17-years old. He's still growing. He's a very competitive kid. I've had him in class and he's a great kid to be around. Whatever school gets him is going to get themselves a great kid.

"He has the size for power, but he has the ability to get around you and he really accelerates when he comes out of his cut. He has that gear that great athletes have. He just a good runner and he's still learning."

"He rushed for about 800 hundred yards and 6-7 yards per carry and 14 touchdowns. He also had 400-500 yards receiving." coach Schuetz said when asked about Torrence's stats. "Last year as a sophomore, he rushed for over 1,000 yards."

Devon is a special player on the football field, but coach Schuetz said that he might be as good in a baseball uniform.

"He is also a very good baseball player," Schuetz said of his dual-sport athlete. "Last year as a sophomore he batted close to .600. He led the county in home runs, stolen bases and everything else. He's been invited by the Yankees to go down to an all-star game in Wilmington, N.C. and play baseball for a week. He's truly is an outstanding athlete.

"He visited (Notre Dame) for the Navy game. They told him that he could play football and baseball. The baseball coaches came over and talked to him, so they made a really strong first impression."

"I was told that I'd be getting some after I took the ACT," Devon said of his pending scholarship offers. "Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida State. There are more that I'm interested in, but those are my top five schools right now."

There isn't any secret as to why a player that grew up a short drive to the Ohio State campus would be interested in the Buckeyes, so why do the other schools interest Torrence?

"The Florida schools have great programs down there and I could play both sports," he replied as to why he had Florida State and Miami in his early top five.

"I loved it down there," Torrence said of his recent unofficial visit to the Notre Dame campus. "Everyone was nice. They have great facilities, great people. They seem like they treat you well. They're interested in you more as a person rather than just an athlete that's coming to play ball."

Devon also made a trip to Ann Arbor to watch two of his favorites battle in what was one of the best football games of the 2005 season.

MO<"It was an unofficial visit," he said of his visit to watch the Big Ten battle between the Buckeyes and the Wolverines. "I've been there twice. I haven't had a chance to really see the campus, but the people seem cool. The players seem like they have good work habits and they have a good program. I've known Mario Manningham for awhile now."

The Buckeyes won the game to keep their hold on a potential BCS bid.

"Notre Dame," Torrence replied when asked who he would like Ohio State to play in a bowl game. "It would be close, but it would be a good game."

Torrence reported he has a 2.6 g.p.a. and recently took the ACT.

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