Smith Set to Announce

Since the day this staff turned its attention toward the 2006 recruiting class, Toryan Smith has been one of their top recruiting targets. After many phone calls, letters and text messages, the Irish coaches will soon find out if their efforts have paid off.

Toryan Smith has really enjoyed the recruiting process, but he is ready to get down to business and name the school that has earned his trust.

"I've already made my decision," Smith replied when asked if he knew where he was going "I'm going to announce between Alabama, Michigan and Notre Dame on ‘Countdown to Signing Day.'"

"I think the show comes on at 6:30 p.m. We go to a studio in Atlanta. My parents and my sister will be there," he added

Smith has offers from almost every high profile college in the nation. While every school was appealing, his final three schools stood out the most in the end.

"They've been with me since the beginning," Smith said of Alabama. "They were the first team to offer me. They've been on me pretty hard. I trust them a lot. They have a good tradition. They have a great coach in coach Kines. I like him a lot. He's the linebacker coach and defensive coordinator.

"They have good people at Michigan. I like coach Loeffler, he was at school today. I really like that Michigan is not only recruiting as a football player but as a person. I also like Ann Arbor.

"They've (Notre Dame) stepped up in class. They're on the rise. They have a great offense. They're young on defense this year and there will be more experience next year. It's a good situation for me and it would be a good defense for me to come in and play for."

"You can win a championship with that offense," he continued. "They played well this year, but to take it to the next level and win a championship they're going to need a championship defense. Right now they don't have that. Considering it's the coaches first year there, I think it's outstanding what they did. The coaches have been on me pretty hard, and I like them, and I think Notre Dame is a pretty good place."

While the three schools are recruiting Toryan as a linebacker, he also looks like a player that could carry the ball on offense.

"I'm not interested in that," he said when asked if he had any interest in playing running back at the next level. "I'm a good power back. I think I'm alright, but that isn't what I want to do. I think I can go a little further at linebacker than I can at running back."

Irish Fans hope he goes just far enough north to land in South Bend. Top Stories