Gallup Excited About Trip to Notre Dame

It's been nearly eight months since wide receiver Barry Gallup committed to the Irish. Twenty additional names have been added to the 2006 Notre Dame recruiting class since that time. This weekend Gallup will meet nearly a dozen of them for the Irish football banquet when he travels to South Bend for his official visit.

"I think this weekend will be good because all the guys that are going this weekend will be teammates next year and this will be a good situation for us to relax a get to know each other," Barry Gallup said of his trip for the annual football banquet.

"I know we're doing a lot of academic stuff tomorrow and then going to the banquet tomorrow night," he continued. "We'll watch the (football) practice at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. We're going right from there to watch the Notre Dame – Michigan basketball game. From there I think we all meet with coach Weis on Sunday."

Gallup will not only get a chance to meet up with his classmates at the banquet, but as one of the eight Irish commitments playing in the U.S. Army All-America Bowl, he'll get to hang out with them again in January.

"I can't wait for that," Gallup said of the all-star game held in San Antonio. "We have a lot of our guys playing in the game and I'll get to play wide receiver, which is where I'll play in college. I'm working on my receiver skills now, so I can't wait. My whole family will be up there."

In addition to being named to the prestigious U.S. Army All-America Bowl, Gallup also received word that he was named the Gatorade Massachusetts player of the year.

"That's a great thrill for me," Barry said of the award. "It's something I really wasn't expecting because I know there are a lot of great players in the state this year – It's just a great thrill."

There has been a lot made of the level of competition that Gallup played against, but he can only control what he does on the field. The accolades he has received are a testament that he has done quite a bit during his high school career.

"Our team went 8-0 in our league, and we advanced to the New England Prep School Championship, but we lost to the Brunswick school from Greenwich Connecticut in a close game," Gallup replied when asked how his football season had finished. "I'm not sure of all my stats, but I had 26 touchdowns in nine games. I think I had about 1,700 yards rushing and I averaged about 10 yards a carry. For my career I had 70 touchdowns and 14 interceptions."

His season and high school career ended on a sour note, but Gallup is excited about his future. Last week Gallup had a chance to watch his future teammates complete a 9-2 season and all but nail down a BCS bowl invitation.

"I watched that one with the entire family," Gallup said of Notre Dame's last minute victory over Stanford. "I didn't think the game was in doubt the whole game until that last minute. They've been in that situation before under coach Weis and I've seen so many Patriots games, so I know that they'll get it done whenever they need to. I knew coach Weis would come up with a good drive to finish them off. They're just playing really confident, and they should be because they can march the ball down the field whenever they want."

Notre Dame's football season isn't yet complete, nor is their recruiting. Almost, but there are still several key recruits the Irish need to secure.

"Coach Vaas was in the house last night and he said that they are just waiting on a couple of the top guys and besides that they're done," Gallup said. "I feel pretty confident that some of those top guys will come. I read a lot of the stories on those kids and I think I have a pretty good feel for what they're going to do because I said a lot of the same things." Top Stories