Yeatman Down to Two

Rancho Bernardo high school (Poway, Calif.) tight End Will Yeatman will soon decide if he will play football or lacrosse during his freshman year of college. He's talented enough to play either sport at the highest collegiate level, but oddly enough Notre Dame fans are hoping Yeatman decides on lacrosse.

In another year there would certainly be room for Will Yeatman, but with the 2006 recruiting class bulging at 22 commitments, the available spots are precious. The 6-6, 255-pound dual-sport athlete has plenty of football options, but his decision on where he attends college may hinge on which sport he would prefer to play.

"I have around 30 scholarship offers right now and Notre Dame is the only one that is a lacrosse scholarship," Yeatman said of his pending athletic offers. "If I go to Notre Dame I'll be able to play lacrosse as my first priority in my first year. Then my second year, and there on out it will be football. They offered a lacrosse scholarship and I want to pursue lacrosse as well, and this will give me a chance to play lacrosse in my first year, without much football. At all the other schools football is my first priority. I'm excited about the way the plans have worked out."

Yeatman is very grateful for the opportunities that both sports are providing him and he understands that he is very fortunate. Part of the recruiting process he enjoyed the most were the visits to took to his the various universities.

"I was at the USC/UCLA game yesterday," Yeatman said of the annual battle between the Trojans and the Bruins. "It was a big recruiting weekend for them (USC). They had a bunch of recruits there. They gave me the tickets and everything, but I wasn't on an official visit. I went with a few buddies of mine. We just hung out and stayed there for the weekend. My brother goes to school at USC."

Yeatman grew up rooting for the Trojans and has a brother already on campus, but he has all but eliminated USC from his list of potential destinations.

"USC is the only school in the PAC-10 that hasn't offered me a scholarship, so that should answer your question right there," he responded when asked if USC was still under consideration. "They're still recruiting me, but they haven't offered me. Also, they have a club lacrosse team that my brother plays on, but they don't have a Division I level lacrosse team.

"I've taken four official visits," he explained "I first went to Notre Dame, my second was to Nebraska, my third was to North Carolina, and my forth was to Maryland. I do have one more official left but I'm not sure if I'm going to take it though."

With all of his recruiting trips completed and signing day less than two months away, Yeatman feels that he is ready to make a decision between two of his favorite schools.

"I'll probably decide in the next two weeks," he responded when asked if he was prepared to announce his college decision. "I think my final two are Notre Dame and Maryland.

"There's a lot of pros with each one and they're both great schools," he explained. "Maryland is 30 minutes from my family on the east coast. Notre Dame has more prestige than any school in the nation. Notre Dame is going to win a national championship in football. Maryland will win a national championship in lacrosse.

"There are differences with each school, but right now I'm going to sit on it for awhile and see which one I like the best and go with my gut feeling."

With Yeatman's size as a high school senior he could settle into several positions at the college level.

"USC, UCLA and Boston College are the only schools in the nation that said you're going to play tackle for us," he answered when asked which position schools were recruiting him to play. "I talked to coach Weis two or three weeks ago and he said, ‘absolutely a tight end.'

"I know Konrad Reuland is considering Notre Dame pretty heavily, and he's a great tight end and he might go to Notre Dame as well, but I think I have the potential to be a pretty good tight end. We'll see what happens later on down the road.

"I know coach Weis likes to use two or three tight ends at the same time and I like the way they use the tight end. I think coach Weis does a great job of utilizing the tight ends that he has on the team. Notre Dame is a great school and they have a great program there right now."

Anthony Fasano has thrived in Weis' system to become one of the best tight ends in the nation. But like Notre Dame, Maryland also has one of the top tight ends in the country.

"Vernon Davis is a really good tight end," Yeatman said of Maryland's Mackey award finalist. "They (Maryland) haven't had a good year this year, but they had a good run a couple years back where they were finishing at the top of the nation. I think if I did accept a scholarship there that I'd be able to go in and compete."

"He's a no nonsense kind of guy," he said of Maryland's head coach Ralf Friedgen. "He'll tell you straight forward and he gets the ball to the tight end. He uses the athletes that he has. The guys that are making the plays, he utilizes more. Top Stories