Parris Enjoys Official Visit

St. Ignatius high school (Cleveland, Ohio) wide receiver Rob Parris has been to Notre Dame a number of times and with each trip it feels more like home. Parris was one of several commitments that traveled to South Bend for Notre Dame's annual football awards banquet.

"I went with my parents and the Ryan family Friday morning," Rob Parris said of his trip with teammate and fellow Irish commitment John Ryan. "Friday was mostly academic, so we got most of our interviews with the advisors out of the way.

"If you knew what you wanted to major in you could talk to a professor in that area," Ryan explained. "Everything sounded pretty appealing, but I'm not really sure what I want to major in which is fine because you have a whole year to decide at Notre Dame. I really went in with an open mind."

Once the recruits were done with the business side of visit they went over to the main event – the football banquet. Notre Dame always has an impressive guest speaker, but this year legendary head coach Lou Holtz was selected to entertain the attendees.

"The banquet was awesome," Parris said of the awards dinner. "It was really cool to go there and see how everything works. To see all the awards given out and Lou Holtz spoke which was real cool. He's a real good speaker and it was a lot of fun. He'd throw in jokes to kind of liven up things up, which made everything more entertaining."

Unlike Parris' previous unofficial visits, he was assigned a host for his official visit. The player selected by the Irish coaching staff to show Parris around campus shouldn't come as a surprise to Irish recruiting fans.

"Jeff Samardzija," Parris answered with excitement when asked who his player host was. "I always wanted to meet him to see what he was like so that was real cool. All the people that call and interview me call me Jeff Jr. – I guess that's the thing now.

"It was cool to finally get to meet him. I kind of just hung out with him as a friend. I kind of had two hosts though, because I was with John (Ryan). Johnny's host was Tom Zbikowski so we were together the whole time. Jeff and Tom are probably the best hosts we could have gotten. They made everything awesome."

On Saturday the recruits made their way over to the Irish practice facility to watch their teammates prepare for their upcoming bowl game.

"We watched practice which was pretty sweet," Parris said of Notre Dame's morning practice session. "We got to see how much different it was to high school. I've seen a practice before, but I wasn't right there standing next to them while they were doing the drills. All the ‘Ts' are crossed and all the ‘Is' are dotted."

After the recruits attended the afternoon basketball game they traveled over to the Stadium where they will be playing for the next fours years…an event that Parris won't soon forget.

"We had dinner is the press box and our hosts had dinner with us too," he explained of Saturday night's event. "Coach Weis spoke for a little bit. It was funny because it was my birthday and he surprised me with a birthday cake. He was giving his speech and then said it's someone's birthday and one of the waiters walked out with a cake."

Before Parris left campus he found out that the Irish would be matched up against his home state Ohio State Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl.

"I'll be interesting," the Cleveland native said. "I definitely think that Notre Dame will win with all the time that coach Weis has to prepare for it. Notre Dame has a bunch of good athletes – just as good as Ohio State's.

Rob suffered a hip injury that ended his high school career. He finished his rehab with the doctor's that were in charge of his rehabilitation immediately after his injury. He is currently lifting weights and waiting direction from the Notre Dame staff. Top Stories